A Road Trip to Seattle – Day 4 (Missoula, MT to Seattle!!!)

A Road Trip to Seattle - Day 4

We’re home!!!  We left Missoula this morning after a fantastic breakfast.  Thanks Marriott!  It wasn’t your typical free continental breakfast, rather we had to pay a few bucks for the privilege.  Well worth the expense.  We both had eggs made to order. I had biscuits, gravy, hashy-looking potatoes, oatmeal, and a lovely pot of tea.  Very relaxing, very filling, and worth the little bit of money that was required.  Sun poured into the dining room, the little old lady who was working was dynamite, and it was deserted.  No screaming kids, no annoying conversation.  Just a nice breakfast.A Road Trip to Seattle - Day 4

The mountains around Missoula are incredible during the daylight.  They circle the city.  They tower over the city.  As an exciting bonus I got 89 octane gas for $2.99 a gallon.  It’s sad that I can’t remember the last time I paid three bucks a gallon for gas.  That it was mid-grade and in the mountains of Montana was all the more surprising.A Road Trip to Seattle - Day 4

We only stopped twice.  Montana into Idaho was fairly quick.  The last little bit of Montana is twisting and turning and quite mountainous.  Idaho is fairly similar.  There was an epic slowdown heading into the mountains, someone had managed to flip over their little pickup.  I slowed down.  We pushed on all the way into Washington before we stopped.  No real meals to speak of today, just snacks and the like.  I hedged my bets and just rolled into the Starbucks in the little town we arrived at.  They know how to make a tea and never give you a funny look no matter what you ask for.

Washington is fairly empty after you pass Spokane.  There are a few interesting distractions, some nice rivers and water, and a great honking wind farm installation on the side of – I kid you not – Whiskey Dick Mountain.  I’m not sure what to make of that, but it’s the truth.A Road Trip to Seattle - Day 4

The weather was fantastic until we hit Snoqualmie Pass, which is not far from Seattle itself.  Just as we started our final descent out of the Cascades it started to lightly snow and then heavily rain.  Whatever.  The weather was great for the majority of the trip so that’s hard to complain at this point.  It absolutely poured coming into Seattle, which in itself is a rarity.  Given a few hours I knew it would stop.A Road Trip to Seattle - Day 4

We got home to no disasters or surprises.  Several trips into the garage were made to unload all the generous gifts we got for Christmas (not withstanding the car we actually drove out here) and much relaxation ensued.  A quick trip to the store to restock a sad-looking refrigerator and we had a nice dinner of steamed broccoli and cauliflower and a homemade pizza.  A healthy, not greasy, full of vegetable dinner.  Relief from road food.  3000 miles, three and a half days, five hundred bucks in fuel, and about 32 pounds of fried food.  Done!

Stayed tuned, we’ll be getting back to what we’re more used to, food, recipes, and….more good food.  Oh and all manner of fun new kitchen tools and supplies!  Now for some sleep.

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