A to Z Food Vocabulary or “T is for Tranche”

There are a great many food related words that even I’m not sure of entirely.  I’ll be doing a letter a day, going over some of the more interesting words, processes, procedures, and vocabulary for the determined foodie.  We’ll both be learning something I’m sure.  Today we’re delving into all the tasty (or just food related) words that start with the letter “T”.

Tahini - A paste of ground sesame seeds and a flavor similar to peanut butter.

Tamarind Paste - A vitamin-rich, tangy, prune like pulp from the pods of a tropical Asian tree. It is used as a seasoning in curries and chutneys or made into drinks, jams, or sorbets.

Tandoori - A method of cooking chicken or meats in Indian cuisine. The pieces of chicken are skinned, then coated in yogurt mixed with chili powder, turmeric, ginger, spices, onion and chopped garlic. After marinating overnight, the chicken is sprinkle with saffron or chili powder and cooked on a bed of embers in a special cylindrical clay oven called a tandoori.Tandoori

Tangelo - A cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit with loose skin that can range in color from deep reddish-orange to orange-yellow; very sweet and easy to peel.Tangelo

Tapas - In Spain, an assortment of hors d’oeuvres or cocktail snacks.  I love me a good tapas bar.Tapas

Taro - A perennial plant grown in tropical regions for its large starchy tuberous rhizomes, Which have twice the calorific value of potato.Taro

Tasso - A lean and highly seasoned piece of cured pork or beef, tasso is hard to find outside of Louisiana. It’s used like ham or salt pork to flavor pastas, beans, and other dishes.

Tatsoi - Also known as ‘spoon cabbage,’ tatsoi is a leafy Asian green with a slightly spicy cabbage flavor. It can be used in salads and stir-fries.Tatsoi

Tempeh - Protein alternative made from fermented whole soy beans that have been formed into a cake.  They have a nutty flavor.  A good alternative to tofu.Tempeh

Terroir - A wine growing territory referring to the region’s ecosystem.

Tincture - Basis of a liqueur.

Tisane - Herbal tea.Tisane

Tomalley - Lobster liver, rather the part of the lobster that acts as it’s liver.  A greenish appearing mass.Tomalley

Tranche - A slice of fish made by cutting through a fillet at an angle.

Trussing - The process of tying meat or a whole bird’s legs and wings against its body to form a compact whole.  This allows for even cooking.Trussing

Tsukémono - Japanese term for pickled vegetables. The Japanese pickle a variety of vegetables, using various techniques, and serve them with practically every meal, including breakfast.

Turmeric - A yellow spice with a warm and mellow flavor, turmeric is related to ginger. Turmeric is used in prepared mustard and curry powder, and it’s a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking.Turmeric


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