A to Z Food Vocabulary or “V is for Velouté”

There are a great many food related words that even I’m not sure of entirely.  I’ll be doing a letter a day, going over some of the more interesting words, processes, procedures, and vocabulary for the determined foodie.  We’ll both be learning something I’m sure.  Today we’re delving into all the tasty (or just food related) words that start with the letters “U, V, and W”.

Udon Noodles - These Japanese wheat-flour noodles can be purchased either fresh or dried. They are often used in soups.Udon

Ugli Fruit - A Jamaican fruit with loose, yellow-green skin. The fruit is thought to be a cross between the tangerine and the grapefruit with a grapefruit-orange flavor.A to Z Food Vocabulary or “V is for Velouté”

Umami - Savoriness, one of the five basic tastes.

Vacherin - A crisp, sweet meringue shell used as a serving vessel for fruit and ice cream.Vacherin

Variety Meats - Also known as “offal,” variety meats are usually organ meats, such as brains, heart, kidneys, liver, etc.

Velouté - (French) A sauce made with veal stock, cream, and tightened with a white roux.

Vichyssoise - A cold potato and leek soup thickened with cream and garnished with chives. The term is now applied to many other tuber-based soups. Vichyssoise

Vol-Au-Vent – Puff pastry shell.A to Z Food Vocabulary or “V is for Velouté”

Wasabi - Also called Japanese horseradish, a pungent green paste made from a rhizome of the watercress family.  Often in the United States this is indeed mostly horseradish, which in Japan it is made from the actual rhizome.  It is often shredded with shark skin.A to Z Food Vocabulary or “V is for Velouté”

Welsh Rarebit - This is a cheese sauce made with ale and seasoned with dry mustard, black pepper, and Worcestershire sauce that is often served over toast.

Whetstone - Stone used to sharpen knives.A to Z Food Vocabulary or “V is for Velouté”

Whey - The liquid which separates from the solids when cheese is made.

Whitebait - Generic term for any tiny fish an inch or two in length that is of a white, shimmery, or transparent hue, rolled in flour and fried until crisp.A to Z Food Vocabulary or “V is for Velouté”

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