A Trip to The Farmers’ Market

Farmers MarketOne thing we’ve tried to do with our newly adopted city is travel a bit to the farmers’ market to get our produce.  Now that the winter months are upon us, it’s certainly not as easy as it was during the warmer months (there’s at least one everyday during the warmer months.)  The Ballard market in….well Ballard, is every Sunday.  We try to go every week, and of course Pike Place market is everyday.  Here’s a brief pictorial journey through some tasty bits of food….everything looks so nice in the market.  Ballard is especially crowded and nice, everything from fresh produce, local produced honey, scavenged mushrooms, to whole raw milk, and grass-fed beef.  What’s not to like.  Our blog banner is in fact some farmers’ market fare.  Thanks to all the local guys and gals who make our little slice of the Pacific North West a tasty place!

Farmer's Market

These potatoes drive me nuts.  I want everything to be made with potatoes.  They certainly don’t look like this in the supermarket.

Farmer's MarketI don’t even like these terribly much, but I’m compelled to take a picture every single time I see them, which is quite often.  They are gorgeous to look at and I suppose at some point I’ll need to start playing around with them a bit, just to expand my horizons.

Farmer's MarketHave you ever seen a nicer bunch of carrots?

Farmer's MarketTomatoes, clearly, needn’t always be red.

Farmer's MarketFarmer's Market Farmer's Market

Farmer's MarketFarmer's Market

Farmer's MarketFarmer's MarketFarmer's MarketFarmer's MarketAnd what farmers’ market would be complete without some tasty treats to satisfy the food urge while you’re walking around….

Farmer's MarketAnd some local color never hurts…Farmer's Market

So there you have it, a way we normally kill a Sunday morning or early afternoon.  Fresh local food, some fresh air, and some local color.  What could be better?!  Most of the veggies you see incorporated into our cooking comes from this (these) very markets.  Yum indeed.

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