Thank You All Dear Friends…..FOR COMING TO MY BIRTHDAY!!!

I’m not sure why that makes me laugh so much.  But it does.  So yesterday was my birthday.  I am still full.  I cannot move.  I had, despite being far away from most of my family, a very nice birthday.  We ate a most intense dinner at Ivar’s Seafood.  I think some people in Seattle would tell you it’s a tourist trap.  Not the case, I’d argue.  It’s a nice seafood joint, a step up from Legal Seafood if you’re looking for a reference point.  We took a nice long walk to get there and back.  The walk back was a tremendous show of force on my part, I’ll admit.  I nearly had to crawl.

Ivar’s has been around nearly forever.  Here’s a period photograph of the place, dating back quite a ways.  The next photo is of a crew removing one of his signs from the floor of the bay/sound.  Why?  Ivar Haglund, who started the restaurant in 1938, believed that submarines would become a viable form of transportation in the future.  So he put signs up underwater – directing traffic to his restaurant.  That’s some Jules Verne style forward thinking.Thank You All Dear Friends.....FOR COMING TO MY BIRTHDAY!!!Thank You All Dear Friends.....FOR COMING TO MY BIRTHDAY!!! I got a chance to indulge in a guilty pleasure I don’t often get to partake in.  That being fried seafood.  I like me some fish and chips.  I got that and then some.  We had a nice braised meet and ravioli thing for an appetizer.  I had fried prawns, scallops, halibut, and cod.  We had a bottle of champagne.  My other half – not being really the seafood kind of guy – unless it’s raw – had a steak.  I don’t often buy a steak when I go out because I’m often disappointed.  This was, despite being a bit less expensive, much better than the $55 dollar steak I had a Morton’s several months ago.  For shame, Morton’s.  Twice we’ve been to Ivar’s and twice he’s had that steak.  Killer both times.  Good choice then.  I had a piece of chocolate cake with a caramel sauce that makes me want to flip over chairs and tables.  I’m not sure what they do to it, but I would like to stick my head under a faucet of it.  I’m fairly certain I could have knifed my waiter for the recipe and not felt guilty about it, had the opportunity presented itself.  It did not, alas.

Among other things my mother sent me a gift certificate to a place that makes cupcakes locally.  Being that I stopped by today and they were closed unexpectedly (admittedly because of flooding in at least one of their shops) – both damn locations – I’ll wait till I have them sitting in my kitchen to pass judgement.  Probably for the better that they were closed.  I’m fairly certain I’d be in an ER somewhere right now if there were sitting on my counter waiting to be eaten.  She also sent me a recipe that I will be making in short order.  I’m staying mum about that for the moment, but it looks to be fairly epic and I’m excited to no end that she shared it with me.  That and reminding me that when I was two I insisted upon wearing bright blue Cookie Monster slippers to my birthday party.  I was always a smart kid, clearly.  Who doesn’t like Cookie Monster, or slippers for that matter?Thank You All Dear Friends.....FOR COMING TO MY BIRTHDAY!!!

My delightful other half also got me a new food processor.  Not just any food processor, but THE food processor.  It has more widgets and attachments and blades and things.  It’s even a juicer, dammit.  It’s also large and in charge, it has a control panel that looks like it belongs on a ship.  I am in love, I think.  Many other nice gifts were had.  A very nice day all around.  I didn’t have to cook a damn thing.  That’s a nice change.  I love to cook but it’s nice to have a day off from the oven every once in a while.

Thanks everyone for a splendid day!

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