Check Out “Pride & Joy” A Documentary About Southern Food 6 Years In The Making

Check Out "Pride & Joy" A Documentary About Southern Food 6 Years In The MakingSouthern Foodways Alliance is a neat organization.  They aim to document, study and celebrate the wildly diverse food cultures of the changing American South.

“We stage events, produce documentary films, publish compendiums of great writing, and – perhaps most important – document and map our region’s culinary standard bearers through oral history interviews. We’re talking fried chicken cooks, barbecue pitmasters, bartenders, ham curers, and row crop farmers.


The SFA is a member-supported organization of more than 800 people. Chefs and academics, writers and eaters: all are active participants. In the Atlantic Monthly, Corby Kummer dubbed the SFA “this country’s most intellectually engaged (and probably most engaging) food society.”


Check out the trailer of “Pride & Joy,” the SFA’s upcoming documentary about Southern food culture and see why they’re so excited.  The documentary has been six years in the making and is produced by John T. Edge and Andy Harper, and directed by Joe York.  The hour-long documentary premieres in September 2012.

Check out the trailer below

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