For a $150K, You Can Own The Space Shuttle Food Truck

For a $150K, You Can Own The Space Shuttle Food TruckFor $150,000, you can pretty much buy anything…including this.  Up for auction on is an aircraft converted to food truck duty.  It’s painted in the theme of a NASA Space Shuttle and includes a completely self-contained kitchen inside.For a $150K, You Can Own The Space Shuttle Food Truck

The shuttle has some actual history surrounding it; it was built in 1944, flew during World War II, and was used as an airliner during the 50′s and 60′s.  It was allegedly hijacked to Cuba during it’s time in a commercial fleet.  It was converted to street use in 1976, mounted on a GMC Bus frame.For a $150K, You Can Own The Space Shuttle Food Truck

You better have some serious food on offer if you’re going to be piloting this thing around.  For 150 grand I’d imagine you already have some big ideas.For a $150K, You Can Own The Space Shuttle Food Truck

If you’re interested in the details the truck is equipped thusly…

  • Hand wash sink with foot activated faucet (hot and cold running water)
  • “Round Up” full pan warmer (electric)
  • 800W NSF commercial microwave
  • 2’ X 2’ stainless prep table with storage shelf
  • 4 tray bread rack with 3’ X 23” cutting board table top
  • 3 compartment stainless steel sink with 2 drain boards. 18” X 18” Sink compartments. Commercial rotating spout faucet
  • 4 gallon electric hot water heater
  • 2 counter tops for serving or prep with storage shelves
  • Display case for memorabilia or non food sale items with storage below
  • Commercial 4 burner propane cook top
  • Commercial 3’ propane grill
  • 2 commercial 40lb. propane deep fryers
  • Exhaust hood with 3 exhaust fans and 6 grease filters
  • Commercial 2 door 110v refer unit under grill for easy access to grill and cook top
  • 5’ X 24” stainless steel prep table with storage shelf
  • 35” X 21” stainless steel prep table with storage shelf
  • 7 cubic foot GE chest freezer
  • 2 110vac built in cooling fans
  • Cooking area is completely covered in stainless steel
The rest of the vehicle:
  • 32 Gallon fresh water tank
  • 55 Gallon waste water tank
  • 4500 watt Onan Commercial Quiet Generator. Runs off of the main fuel tank of the vehicle
  • Separate 12vdc House Battery system for inside overhead lights, cooking exhaust fan system and fresh water pump
  • Electric switch box – generator power to shore power with external outlets for plugging into outside power source
  • All the walls in the main cooking area are constructed of stainless steel
  • The floor is aluminum diamond plate with 4” cove base also constructed from aluminum diamond plate
  • Both sets of rear stairs and the entry are aluminum diamond plate
  • Holds 2  7.5 gallon propane tanks that are easily removable for filling, includes 2 extra tanks

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