Ice Cream Consumption Infographic – Long Beach, CA Ranks In At #1

We recently took a day trip out to some of the islands around Seattle.  On our way we stopped at Snow Goose Produce, a gorgeous farm stand that promised “immodest” ice cream cones.  Who the hell can resist that?  Immodest is an understatement.  Obscenely large is a better descriptor, but immodest probably gets more people in the door.  For a few bucks you’ll be doing arm presses trying to get that fresh waffle cone into your fat face.  Oh, and they hand-roll their own waffle cones.  Evil.  Pure Evil.

On that (somewhat related) note, here’s some other ice cream information for your consumption.  To be honest I’d have to imagine this isn’t totally scientific.  Actually I imagine scientists would scoff and mock this study, but it’s interesting and a neat useless-information-for-the-summer kind of thing, so here it is.  Utilizing the total number of credit card transactions at ice cream and frozen yogurt shops, data aggregation company Bundle has compiled a list of the top ten cities in America as far as ice cream consumption is concerned.  Good information if you’re about to open up an ice cream shop.  Just for fun, otherwise.

Not so surprisingly, eternally sunny Long Beach, CA comes in first place for most ice cream consumed (well money spent at least) across the nation.  Long Beach dwellers get 268% more ice cream and spend 1061%(!) more on frozen treats than the average American.  That’s a solid 5 times more than any other city in the US.  Fort Worth, TX spend residents spend 225% above average, and folks in Columbus, OH shell out 200% above average.

There’s a lot of data to be parsed out here.  DC is high on the list – they eat 85% more ice cream than the national average and at 92% more than the average American, D.C. tops the list as the state that eats ice cream most frequently.

As usual, click on the image below for a larger version you can actually read.

Ice Cream Consumption Infographic - Long Beach, CA Ranks In At #1

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