Meet Ana Juarez; Girl Scout Leader Steals $6,000 In Girl Scout Cookie Money

Meet Ana Juarez; Girl Scout Leader Steals $6,000 In Girl Scout Cookie MoneyThis is Ana Isabel Juarez.  She was a troop leader in South El Monte, California.  Police arrested the 30-year-old after being accused of stealing $6,000 in cookie sales from her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop.  The Girl Scout regional office had noticed something was awry when payments for sold cookies had not been forthcoming.

The other troop leaders noticed that there was $4,000 in cash missing from the cookie sales and $2,000 had disappeared from an account set aside specifically for that purpose.    Juarez allegedly spent the money as fast as it came in.

“It was just shocking to see that we became her own personal piggy bank: gas, nails, Nordstroms, Victoria’s Secret,” said troop co-leader Verna de los Reyes in an interview.

The leaders promised the girls that if they sold enough cookies, they would be able to get their own doll from the American Girl line and a trip to the store in Los Angeles.  A tea party and limo ride were also in the works.  Each of the troop’s girls sold more than 500 boxes in that one month period.  An accounting of what’s left leaves only $200 in the girls account.

Juarez was arrested on suspicion of felony grand theft.  Juarez also had a 6-year-old daughter in the troop, according to CBS, who was pulled out just before the scandal broke.
While in custody she was processed for an outstanding warrant related to a 2001 grand theft embezzlement case in Huntington Park, CA.  She is due in court on May 8th.

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