Peeps S’mores!

Peeps S'mores!OK, I also understand the need to stand down with the whole Peeps thing.  Three recipes in a row.  I still have some left.  To be fair the leftover ones are now fairly stale.  I know there is a contingent of the population who will place these things on top of the microwave and leave them for extended periods of time to acquire the necessary state of staleness.  Mine are just garden variety stale.

S’mores are so good because they offer cheap entry into serious comfort food.  Anyone can make them.  The recipe is so easy that it needn’t be written down or even referred to.  Admittedly it’s easy to go on a s’mores bender.   And that’s never pretty.  But there’s not much better than a warm, toasted, gooey marshmallow melting a slab of cheap chocolate sandwiched on graham cracker.

I occasionally get the bug to have some s’mores and I’ll grab the trinity of ingredients at the store.  Generally no one shares my enthusiasm, which suits me just fine.  More for me.  Through many years of torturous electric stove top “ownership” I’ve perfected the process of roasting marshmallows over electric range coil.  It’s not quite the primal campfire and a stick process that s’mores lend themselves so well to, but it’s certainly gets the job done.Peeps S'mores!

Tonight I figured that I’d buy just the grahams and the cheap chocolate and I’d sacrifice yet a few more little blue bunny Peeps to the culinary gods.  Because they were approaching quite stale I opted to use a knife rather than a skewer to secure my Peep.  Shorter reach to be sure, but it was sliding right off the skewer.  No one wants a handful of magma hot marshmallow napalm if they can avoid it.

Peeps S'mores!

Hey....Wait a minute...Peep's S'mores?!?!?!?

I use a smaller coil on the stove top and whirl it around to setting 5.  Give it a minute to heat up and then pretend that you’re at a very small, dark, but yet still hot campfire.  Depending on how hot the coil is will dictate distance.  With a Peep and the stove at somewhere between 5 and 6 I had to get pretty close to the burner.  Do be careful not to touch the burner, as you’re holding a sugar encrusted, air injected, puff of sugar.  I’m sure it wants nothing more than a half a reason to self immolate.  You’ve been warned.

I found that this was a pretty tame heat.  Over a minute or two the Peep would show signs of flopping one way or another and invariably one side or the other would start to lightly brown.  At that point, from my melting experiments previously, I can tell you it’s a slippery slope to losing cohesion altogether.  I think the sugar coating on the outside starts to melt and that has some effect on the internals.  Whatever the case, be mindful.

Nestled comfortably between two graham crackers it was a very decent s’more.  The Peep melted up very well, the chocolate got a good melt to it, and it was of course hot and delicious.Peeps S'mores!

For sure I can tell you that it’s a fun thing to do if you have some Peeps hanging around looking sad with no purpose.  And I can honestly say I’ve never had a blue-tinted s’more before.  Would I run out and grab some Peeps over a bag of Jet-Puff or a batch of homemade marshmallows?  No.  Novel? – Yes!  Differently delicious? – No.Peeps S'mores!

I feel almost silly putting a recipe in here, but for some s’more you’ll need:

  • Graham Crackers
  • Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars
  • Peeps (Marshmallow)
  • Love
Break long cracker in half.  Layer with chocolate (I use three “bricks” of Hershey’s bar.  Toast Peep.  Insert Peep into sandwich.  Squish.  Enjoy!


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