The Portable Grill That’s Also A Deep Fryer

The Portable Grill That's Also A Deep Fryer

Hammacher Schlemmer is always ready to answer the questions you never asked.  The Deep Frying Portable Grill is here to answer something.  With a combination grill, griddle, and deep fryer in one, the possibilities for a fiery eyebrow singing death in your upscale suburban neighborhood are increased three fold.  And for only $250!

The Portable Grill That's Also A Deep Fryer

I’ll let the folks over at HS give you a better description than I could ever muster:

This is the portable grill and deep fryer that allows cooks to make crispy hors d’oeuvres and sear steaks or hamburgers simultaneously. A reservoir in the center of the grill holds up to 16 oz. of cooking oil and fries up to four servings of chicken wings or french fries. The grill’s 452″ sq. cooking surface accommodates up to eight hamburgers and includes a grate for high-temperature searing, a griddle ideal for cooking bacon or vegetables, and a warming plate that toasts buns. Powered by widely available 1-lb. propane canisters, the unit emits up to 24,000 BTUs to generate temperatures in excess of 600º F and produce restaurant-worthy charring. The included oil thermometer displays the temperature of the deep fryer, a removable bamboo cutting board aids food preparation, and the push-button electronic igniter eliminates the need for matches or lighters. Folds to only 10″ wide and stores in the included bag for ease of portability. Igniter requires one AA battery. 31″ H x 29″ Diam. (38 lbs.)


Keep the burn cream at the ready and have 911 on speed dial.  Summer is here!

- via Hammacher Schlemmer -

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