The United States Of Good Sandwiches – Infographic

GOOD (your self-proclaimed platform for 21st Century Citizenship) recently conducted a survey, asking which sandwich best represents “the most culturally significant, sustainably produced, locally sourced sandwiches” in their home states. The resulting responses vary from predictable (New York – pastrami on rye; Maine – lobster roll; California – veggie sandwich) to pretty interesting (Alabama – fried chicken liver sandwich; Montana – Rocky Mountain oyster sandwich; South Dakota – spam sandwich).  The nifty infographic has a sandwich for every state, and they all seem to make sense if nothing else.

Being able to comment on a few states I’d say New Jersey might be questionable in that it doesn’t include Taylor Ham, Rhode Island seems logical but a grinder might be more emblematic.

I would like to point out that Arkansas sandwich is the War Eagle Mill Sandwich.  I’ve no idea what that is but it sounds both frightening and tasty at the same time.

Check out the graphic below, click on the image for a full size view.The United States of Good Sandwiches

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