The World’s Most Expensive Jell-O…Robot

The World's Most Expensive Jell-O...RobotWhile I’m inded home typing this after a 16 hour day, that isn’t a typo.  You’re really reading about the world’s most expensive Jell-O robot.  I also imagine this could have been titled “The World’s Only Jell-O Robot.”  It’s a marketing ploy.  And from a somewhat unlikely source.  In an effort to promote their new Xperia mobile phone, Sony has teamed with Bompas & Parr for some unlikely art inspired by director Wes Anderson’s Made of Imagination ads.The World's Most Expensive Jell-O...Robot

Bompas & Parr are no stranger to oddness.  They’ve created some other “edible oddities” – more notably a boating lake made from sweetener.  They’ve made some very expensive jellied robots and hidden them around the UK.  Why are they so expensive?  Besides being made of uber-expensive jelly, the ‘Xperiabots’ are stuffed with some random sillyness, to include golden “gears”, white truffle “valves”, and gemstones for eyes. They’re said to be worth just shy of $10,000 (about 6,000 pounds.)  Three were set loose about England waiting to be found.  Two have been claimed, one is still on the loose in Manchester as of this post.  The lucky folks who find them get to keep them.

It’s part of a larger campaign, where street art and posters shaped like the robots can be claimed for prizes.  The grand prize is clearly these expensive somewhat edible robots.  If you’re at all curious about the ad campaign you can check out the video that inspired it below.

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