Frito Pie – A Whole Lotta Tasty But Nobody Said This Was Healthy

Frito Pie - A Whole Lotta Tasty But Nobody Said This Was Healthy

This is was contribution to Cinqo De Mayo.  I didn’t go out and drink, in fact a late night walk to the store proved quite perilous, such were the inebriates weaving through the city at such a late hour.  I’ll admit here right up front that I didn’t go ahead and make a fine chili. It was late at night, the idea hit me, and I had only one part of the whole thing in my house.

A quick trip to the store netted me the only small bag of Fritos in the whole of the store.  Score.  They had plenty of big bags but that’s just not the point with this.  I was looking to be reasonable.  A small bag is reasonable, I think.  A large bag verges on gluttonous.

Frito Pie - A Whole Lotta Tasty But Nobody Said This Was Healthy


I had some pico de gallo left over from a brief stint with tacos the night before.  My pico doesn’t really have a recipe.  It’s just a mix of tomato, onion, and hot peppers, maybe a squeeze of lime.  Cilantro is a vile and disgusting plant, as such it has no part in my pico. They might be Jalapeno, Serrano, or some other spicy green thing.  I would never let a good pico go to waste, so part of this recipe was a desire to see it put to good use.

Frito Pie - A Whole Lotta Tasty But Nobody Said This Was Healthy

We’ve always got cheese around so I didn’t need to pick any up either.  The last part is a bit controversial.  Again, I’d love to tell you I made my own chili.  This idea popped into being very late night.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever made chili before but it’s an undertaking that’s best started before 1AM.

My plan straddled the line into genius when I remembered the local Metropolitan Market sometimes has a killer chili in the prepared foods section.  I could grab a small portion and use that to assemble my evil vision.  Twenty minutes later I was back in my kitchen with a hot bowl of chili.  They didn’t have any in the store hot, but I stumbled upon their refrigerated section and lo and behold, there it was.  Score.

Frito Pie - A Whole Lotta Tasty But Nobody Said This Was Healthy

Assembly and content can vary wildly on something like this.  I had thought of just opening the bag and dumping everything in.  That’s the spirit of the whole thing.  A portable corn chip chili festival.  But I worried it might not take a great picture so instead I opted for cutting the bag open along the backside, like some lurid corn chip vivisection.  That happened to work out great.

I wasn’t walking around with this anywhere so the portability didn’t really matter.  Serving out of the bag is pretty slick, and I was able to accomplish that, if only just.  I was able to drop huge swaths of meat and brown goodness on top of the chips and it allowed room for plenty of melting cheese and my leftover pico.

I’d recommend the chili portion be as hot as you can stand.  Layer on a decent amount of cheese straight away, so you get a good deal of melting.  Add pico, other toppings, and any more cheese you’d like right on top.  Eat.  Fingers, fork, spoon – they all work.

Frito Pie - A Whole Lotta Tasty But Nobody Said This Was Healthy

Some People Can Pull This Off - In The Bag And Still Looks Tasty. I'm Not Some People

This whole endeavor put an enormous smile on my face.  My other half hates Frito’s (really I don’t enjoy them so much outside this application, either) but thought this was a good bag dish nonetheless.  I’d make it again in a heartbeat.

For the two of us, we shared one bag.  If the two of you were hungry I could see a bag a piece being a worthwhile endeavor.




For two lazy-mans bags of Frito Pie you’ll need the following lazy (read: approximate) recipe:

  • 2 Small/Individual Bags of Fritos
  • Pico De Gallo (Onion, Tomato, and Jalapeno Peppers Diced)
  • Chili (You can make your own – or buy some prepared stuff from the store)  For one bag I used the smallest portion I could get.  For two you’d probably want the middle or larger size – depending on how badly you need a chili fix.
  • Shredded Cheese – again dependent on how much you’d like.
  • Anything You Can Think To Add – Corn, onion, green peppers, etc…etc…
  • Love


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