Sriracha Spray Bottle

Sriracha Spray Bottle

This is perhaps the most credible work of evil genius that I’ve seen in recent memory.  Who doesn’t love themselves some hot sriracha?  What could be better than being able to spray an even layer across your food?  The Sriracha Spray Bottle is the creation of Reddit user aoisenshi.  Officially titled The Sprayracha – you can make one of your own, and lightly mist your foodstuffs with the most badass of condiments.  You can also keep a bottle by your bedside and thwart the violent criminal with a tasty hot spray to the eyes.  Who needs mace?

- via Reddit -

Salt Made From Tears

Salt made from TearsI’m usually good with some Pink Himalayan Salt or Black Volcanic Salt from Hawaii.  Delightfully tongue-in-cheek, this new line of salts purports to be made from human tears.  It’s not, clearly, but the packaging and idea puts a smile on my face. Continue reading

A Simple Recipe For Bacon Salt

A Simple Recipe For Bacon SaltBacon salt you say?  Indeed.  Sounds like a really good idea doesn’t it?  I thought so.  I saw this in the store the other day but it’s filled with MSG and corn syrup to give it a bacon taste while remaining vegetarian and Kosher with a big K.  I don’t really have either concern so I’m going with simple REAL bacon salt.  Like bacon and salt for ingredients.A Simple Recipe For Bacon Salt

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