From the Big House to Your House – A (Woman’s) Prison Cookbook

From the Big House to Your House - A (Woman's) Prison CookbookFrom The Big House To Your House is a new cookbook with about two hundred recipes for you and your family. That is if your family happens to be serving 50 to life.

The cookbook comes to us from female prisoners at the Mountain View Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  All but one are in prison for murder.  Ouch.  Equipped with just a hot-pot (boiling water is considered a weapon and therefore banned), microwave, and limited food items from the commissary, the women recipe-tested items such as Frito pie, peach Habanero salsa, and a faux baked potato made from re-hydrated potato chips.

I’m not so sure about how edible some of the recipes are but the book funds a good cause.  Because they can’t profit from their crimes or incarceration, the book was produced with the help of an inmates mother, who typed the recipes and submitted the manuscript on the women’s behalf to The Justice Institute, a Seattle group that works with convicts who maintain their innocence. The group published the book and now sells it online.  All proceeds benefit The Justice Institute.

For less than $15 this one goes under the category of many of the cars I grew up driving – cheap and cheerful.  It’s a testament to people doing whatever they can to make a bad situation better and doing the best with what they can.  And given that the proceeds benefit freeing innocently jailed folks – it’s also a purchase that can help you sleep a little better at night.  Nice!