Pirouline Cookies And Kahlua Whipped Cream

Pirouline Cookies And Kahlua Whipped CreamMy mother used to make this recipe (I’m sure with some minor alterations to this or that.)  I used to get very excited when I saw that package of cookies come out.  I’ve been known to eat this in secret until I make myself decidedly ill.  It’s a combination that’s hard to argue.  Those tasty little cookies and a sweet cream with some a small alcohol kicker.  What’s not to like? Continue reading

A Special Cookie For Oreo’s 100th Birthday – The Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

A Special Cookie For Oreo's 100th Birthday - The Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookie SandwichSo yesterday was the Oreo cookie’s 100th birthday.  So happy birthday for that.  What I find more amazing is that the Hydrox cookie has been around longer.  Growing up my family bought Hydrox cookies.  How much cheaper than Oreos could they have been?  Every time I’d see that forlorn package of not-quite-so-good cookies come home from the supermarket I’d think to myself “are we going bankrupt?  Why can’t we afford real cookies?” Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Raw Cookie Dough (Listen to Your Mother)

Why You Shouldn't Eat Cookie DoughWhen I was growing up (and still to this day) I was quite happy to lick the bowl and/or beaters of any baked good that was being made.  Chocolate chip cookies were the worst culprit.  I ate cookie dough like it was my sole mission in life.  I blame my father for this.  I learned it from watching you, Dad.  My mother wasn’t too keen on anything past licking the beaters however.  Her stern admonitions after any errant fingers made their way into the mixing bowl would be to tell us in no uncertain terms that we would get worms.  This generally would send us scurrying off even though we were both quite certain (as was my mother) that there was no way to get worms from something that didn’t have meat in it.  Last time I checked there was no pork in chocolate chip cookies. Continue reading

Ginger Shortbread Cookies

Ginger Shortbread Christmas Cookies

This is my first Christmas season clear across the country.  I hadn’t thought things would be much different, but I realized this morning that we’re only weeks away from Christmas and it doesn’t feel like it at all.  I’m sure part of it is the relative dearth of Christmas lights.  Sure people have lights up, they even shut our damn cable and internet off for two hours because they were stringing lights on the tower.  Really?  Perhaps it’s the weather, grey isn’t quite as Christmas as snow or cold weather.  While it’s a bit chilly, it’s not that crisp what-the-hell cold I’m used to.  I’ve decided I needed to do something about that; some Christmas cookies are in order then.

My mother used to make about 372 different types of Christmas cookies each year.  The height of my existence as a child when I was growing up was waking up Christmas morning and aside from all the great gifts, knowing that I could subsist on nothing but Christmas Cookies for the whole day and no one would say anything about it.  There were so many cookies I’m not sure anyone would have even noticed.  Gingerbread men, pfeffernusse, those thumb-print jelly cookies, peanut butter-Hersheys Kiss cookies, butter cookies, chocolate truffle cookies, sugar cookies….an endless list of different types of sugar goodness. Continue reading

Super Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Epic Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip CookiesI got done making that breakfast for dinner kinda thing this evening.  I sat around for a while, tried tinkering on my wine biscuit problem (more on that later), got a bit annoyed with that, and thought – “Hey I need a cookie and some chocolate to make myself feel better.”  Cookies and chocolate cure all ills.  Okay it won’t cure a gunshot wound but it comes damn close.

I found this recipe on All Recipes.  Never satisfied with anything as quite good enough I decided to tinker a bit.  This produces a hugely moist little cookie.  Seemingly the original recipe lacks a little substance, it tends to either crumble into pieces or it’s just too mushy.  Not my kinda cookie.  I can deal with soft cookies but I like to at least be able to get it into my mouth without it crumbling into pieces. Continue reading