Breakfast Egg Burritos – Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Leftovers

Breakfast Egg Burritos - Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Leftovers

Admittedly leftovers can be a scary proposition.  Some things are better the next day.  I think bubble and squeak is even better the next day.  Which makes it leftover leftovers.

So breakfast burritos aren’t anything new.  You needn’t go further than the nearest gas station convenience store to see that.  Nicely executed ones that can use up leftovers?  That’s another story. Continue reading

This Is A Video Of An Egg, Inside Another Egg – Or “Japan!? A Large Egg! BIG EGG Contents of The Shock”

This Is A Video Of An Egg, Inside Another Egg - Or "Japan!? A Large Egg!  BIG EGG   Contents of The Shock"

While I can’t pretend to know Japanese or to know what the hell is actually going on in the video, I can glean that these ladies had no idea what was about to happen.  Finding an extra yolk inside your egg is supposed to be good luck.  Finding another whole egg inside your egg is another thing entirely.  One might even say, eggceptional?  Check out the video below.

Because I like the quirks of language the title of the video is “Japan!? A Large Egg!  BIG EGG   Contents of The Shock.”  Here’s the Google Translator’s take on the description of the original video:

At a certain farm in the forest of Ariakeyama Azumino, Nagano Prefecture.  I’ve lost my egg is a surprise!!  Please come have put the details in the blog to see.

Contents of the shock, indeed.

Wanna Spruce Up Your Breakfast? Cook An Egg In Onion Or Bell Pepper Rings

Wanna Spruce Up Your Breakfast?  Cook An Egg In Onion Or Bell Pepper RingsOK so it’s a bit of stretch to say this actually a recipe.  It’s more of a little kitchen trick.  What better way to get yourself some functional and edible egg rings and add some taste and interest to your breakfast?  I made a batch of bubble and squeak this evening.  I wanted a little something to go along with it.  I steamed a little broccoli and decided to crack an egg.  I pulled a slice of bell pepper and a slice of onion out of the fridge and used them as edible egg rings.   A nice plate; the bell pepper mold makes a nifty presentation. Wanna Spruce Up Your Breakfast?  Cook An Egg In Onion Or Bell Pepper Rings

Looking for some other egg tricks?  Try egg in half an avocado.


And on that note.  You’ll notice I got a friendly comment from Vanessa below.  She’s accusing me of theft and plagiarism.  While that’s not true, as I tried to point out in an email conversation, she’s a person that’s not to be reasoned with.  Our email conversation didn’t get much beyond some misplaced passive aggressive stuff before I realized I was wasting keyboard time.

I’m not sure what her affiliation is with Apron Strings Blog – I have to assume there’s some given the vitriol and anger that’s present in here.  No one gets that angry without having a horse in the race.  I’ll just say that we credit where credit is due.  On that note here is the link to the blog she thinks I’m stealing from…

Apron Strings.  That was posted a bit before mine, not very long to be sure.  But let’s parse that out a bit further.  Here are the same recipe, on different sites, posted much before Apron Strings got around to it.  There’s not a mention of any of these on that blog, but I haven’t cried foul nor do I think there’s anything fishy going on.  My mother used to do this for me while I was growing up.  I don’t think she invented it.  We’re a pretty lighthearted bunch around here but for the sake of argument here’s a few links to the same recipe posted earlier than either of us.  This took 30 seconds on Google by the way.

Food RenegadeSkinnyTasteEnjoyYourCooking

Vanessa went on to let me know that I also ripped off the avocado egg slice recipe from Apron Strings Blog as well.  Except that I credited the Reddit user that I got the idea from right in the post.  A Reddit user who posted his “idea” only a day or two before I got around to making it.  Did he rip her off?  Maybe.  I read Reddit, I don’t read Apron Strings.  I think it’s a worthwhile blog so I may pop over from time to time.  Reading doesn’t take very long.  Clearly, sending nasty messages takes even less.

A Breakfast Casserole Recipe

A Breakfast Casserole RecipeDuring the Christmas season a variation on this breakfast casserole makes its way out of the fridge on Christmas morning and at far flung family celebrations as a treat for the morning after whatever celebration has just transpired.  Given its comfort food quality and its great taste, why not move it into more regular rotation, then? Continue reading

A Recipe for Sohl Doht Bibimbap

A Recipe for Sohl Doht BibimbapToday was a relatively easy day for me.  I didn’t have to go into work.  I got up late.  I was about as lazy as a guy could ask for.  After I’d determined I wasn’t working and I’d have a nights worth of uninterrupted cooking time I hit the store.  Stores actually.  Errands aside I got to making some Bibimbap.  I discovered this dish one night out at Kimchi Bistro.  It’s a “hot-pot” meal, meaning it’s served in a stone bowl that’s heated to some 400 degrees.  I think the restaurant’s menu puts it best:

Eating Out - Seattle's Kimchi Bistro

This was the only item so worded in the entirety of the menu.  Clearly you can see why I needed to order it.  So taken in fact, I decided to give it a go at home. Continue reading

Angel Food Cake

Angel Food CakeI don’t know Fayrene De Koker nor where she got this recipe from.  It’s a corker though.  The original is here.  I’ve, for a long time, been at odds with Angel Food Cake in general.  They’re either great or they’re rubbish.  There’s not much room in between.  I think I may have to register a bias against box mixes on Angel Food Cake.  Box mixes can fairly nail a good yellow cake (even your average box mix yellow cake is a powerful weapon when baked half competently.)  Not so much when it comes to Angel Food Cake.  What follows is the best “traditional” Angel Food Cake recipe I could find.  The result is a very nice fresh spongy cake, great with fruit, chocolate, or just some whipped cream.  This does not last long in my kitchen. Continue reading