Andrew Zimmern Calls Richest Chefs List ‘Way Off Base’ and ‘Nauseating’

Andrew Zimmern Calls Richest Chefs List 'Way Off Base' and 'Nauseating'

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Yesterday we posted the Forbes 10 Highest Earning Chefs list.  We did note that Jamie Oliver wasn’t on the list.  Oliver’s net worth was calculated at almost $250 million in a Sunday Times article in April.  That’s some substantial money.  Turns out we’re not the only ones who are calling bull shenanigans.  Andrew Zimmern took to his blog today to call bullshit as well.  We’d say Zimmern has some first-hand knowledge on restaurants and food matters.  “In terms of true income the list is way off base.”

The way Forbes calculated chefs income are vague at best.  Forbes’ Dorothy Pomerantz described the methodology:

“We looked at each chef’s cut of the revenue from his or her restaurants and things like TV pay, merchandise royalties and cookbook payments. We did not deduct for taxes or the cost of being a celebrity chef.”

Zimmern counters that claim on his blog:

Some of the chefs on the list make waaaaay more than what is listed, and I can think of several chefs off the top of my head who aren’t on the list at all who have better months than the number 10 chef (Guy Fieri at 8 million) has years. Mario at number 5? Ever seen the checkout line at Eataly? Correct answer to that question is which location? Their math is way off base. Keller, Boulud, Colicchio . . . I could go on and on . . . lots of chefs who keep these matters private are doing very well, and I imagine some of the bozos on the list love to see their name up there. It’s nauseating.



Beware The Metal Grill Brush – Grill Brush Injuries Being Investigated This Summer

GAH!  I have a little charcoal grill that’s on my balcony that I love to endanger my whole apartment building by lighting.  I want to grill dammit!  Towering Inferno be damned.  That, apparently, isn’t the only thing I should be worried about.  Federal regulators (!) are looking into a quirky health hazard that sent a Tacoma, WA man to the hospital over the weekend.

Beware The Metal Grill Brush - Grill Brush Injuries Being Investigated This Summer

Grille Brush Injuries Pictured in X-Ray

Adam Wojtanowicz ate a grilled steak, as is any man’s given right, but ended up in surgery after he finished.  You might be thinking bacteria or some hard piece of carbon got caught in his throat.  You’d be wrong.  Wojtanowicz ingested a metal bristle from the wire brush he used to clean his grill.  Ever poke yourself in the finger with a single bristle?  As painful as it gets.  Now imagine that bendy sliver of steel puncturing holes in your digestive system, leaving your intestines and other organs looking like Swiss cheese.  As I said, GAH!!!

Beware The Metal Grill Brush - Grill Brush Injuries Being Investigated This Summer

Sadly Mr. Wojtanowicz (I have to admit all that keeps coming to mind is Stan Wojciehowicz, from Barney Miller) isn’t alone in this quirky injury.  The Consumer Products Safety Commission has identified 17 cases like Wojtanowicz’s since 2007.  That’s a small group, especially given the number of people who singe off their eyebrows or burn down the car port while grilling irresponsibly.

Derrick Williams is the vice president of the Pacific Northwest Barbecue Association (count me among the many who had no idea such an organization existed.)

“You know if your brush is old with a lot of gunk on it and grease, you should be careful. You should try to change your brush at least twice a year,” said Williams.

He also suggests a scrub pad or high pressure hose to clean off gunk.  That sounds like sound advice.  Public health authorities haven’t identified any particular brand of brush that’s especially dangerous. The Consumer Products Safety Commission is looking into the phenomenon, after Senator Charles Schumer requested an inquiry in May. A spokesman for the agency said this issue hadn’t even been on their radar before Schumer brought it up.

Use a scrubby people.  While that steel bristle brush does a great job, no one wants a perforated intestine.

Food Recall – Listeria Risk Prompts Buona Vita To Pull 300,000 Pounds Of Ground Meat Product

Food Recall - Listeria Risk Prompts Buona Vita To Pull 300,000 Pounds Of Ground Meat ProductBridgeton, New Jersey based Buona Vita, Inc is recalling 324,770 pounds of frozen ground meat product due to possible Listeria contamination, the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service said on Saturday.  The USDA considers the health risks related to the recall “high.”

The recall includes ready-to-eat meat and poultry products produced in May, including meatballs, chicken and beef patties, and loaves of chicken and beef, the agency said in a written statement.

According to the Buona Vita website, the company produces 200,000 pounds of meatballs a day.  General Manager Blake Christy responded to the recall.

“There have been no reports of any injury or illness….The company produces a large amount of product, and this recall is a part of a precautionary measure by the company to protect its customers.  We need to go through everything we need to go through as a part of our quality control”

The recall was voluntary and the scope of the recall was to ensure that no possibly tainted product can get to consumers.

“This is our choice,” Christy remarked.

Food Recall - Listeria Risk Prompts Buona Vita To Pull 300,000 Pounds Of Ground Meat ProductThe contamination was discovered through routine testing by the FSIS and the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  There have been no reports of illness related to the company’s products.

Listeria bacteria thrive in low temperatures.  Outbreaks are usually associated with deli meats, unpasteurized cheeses and smoked refrigerated seafood products.  Listeriosis has a long incubation period, with symptoms sometimes not showing up until two months after people consume tainted foods.  Symptoms include fever and muscle aches, sometimes preceded by diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems.

Mary J. Blige Says Her Burger King Ad Was A Mistake

If you weren’t aware (I had not a clue) Mary J. Blige just did a commercial for Burger King.  Things didn’t turn out so well.  In short order there were charges of racism, people were offended, and Burger King pulled the ad quickly.  She spoke to Hot 97′s Angie Martinez the other day and admitted that working with Burger King on an advertisement was a mistake.

“I wanted to crawl under the bed…It was a mistake, but I did it because I thought it was something that wouldn’t come out like that. It was sold to us that I would be shot in an iconic way … It hurt my feelings. It crushed me for like two days.”

After the ad debuted on TV, criticism was fast and furious.  Some called the spot, which features Blige crooning about chicken snack wraps, “buffoonery” and racist.  Oops.  The fast food giant then pulled the ad not because of the controversy, but issues surrounding licensing concerns.  Eventually, Burger King publicly apologized to Blige.

“I want to apologize to everyone who was offended who thought I would do something that was so disrespectful to our culture,” Blige said on Hot 97. “I would never do anything like that. I thought I was doing something right.”

Here’s the original spot which caused the whole mess:


Ridiculous UK Ice Cream Truck War Caught On Video

Ridiculous UK Ice Cream Truck War Caught On VideoHere’s something you’re guaranteed not to see everyday.  Here are two ice cream truck drivers, Mohammed “Mr. Whippy” Mulla and Zeheer “Mr. Yummy” Ramzan.  Sounds pleasant enough.  Unfortunately you’ll notice they’ve wrung themselves into an all out turf war over parking spots in Blackburn, England.  There’s swearing (of course), accusations of using powdered ice cream (for shame!),  flying tire irons, and a bit of an accident before the whole thing was said and done.  Quite the kerfuffle.

One of the witnesses said:

“My little sister came out to grab an ice cream and that’s when it all just kicked off.  One of the ice cream men was saying come and buy it from me, ‘I’ll sell it cheaper’. That’s when the trouble started.  They were swearing and everything. My little sister was upset. To be honest it all seemed very silly.”

Another bystander/witness told the Lancashire Telegraph, “I couldn’t believe it when Mr Yummy jumped out of his van and smashed Mr Whippy’s window, you just don’t expect that around here.”  Indeed, thankfully someone had a camera handy and caught all the hijinks on film.

Enchantress Torina Gutierrez Is Accused Of Giving Her 6-Year-Old Daughter A PCP Sandwich

Enchantress Torina Gutierrez Is Accused Of Giving Her 6-Year-Old Daughter A PCP SandwichThis enchantress is Torina Gutierrez.   She’s accused of putting PCP (or angel dust to you folks old enough to remember that lovely term) on her daughters sandwich.  Her daughter is six.  That must have been a hell of a lunch.

Hailing from unincorporated burg of Del Valle, Texas (population 300) Ms. Gutierrez was placed under arrest last week for child endangerment.  An arrest affidavit obtained by the The Statesman said the girl told school authorities that her sandwich meat tasted like “fireworks” and that it made her feel “dizzy and crazy.”  Gutierrez picker her daughter up from school and called paramedics.  Both tested positive for PCP.Enchantress Torina Gutierrez Is Accused Of Giving Her 6-Year-Old Daughter A PCP SandwichOne of Gutierrez’s neighbors told KVUE they would always see police officers at the home where the girl lived with her mom and her mother’s boyfriend.  “She was very friendly and very hyper. She would come over and play with the kids, my grand kids,” said the neighbor who only wanted to be identified as “Joel.”

Torina Ann Gutierrez, 34, faces a charge of endangering a child, a state jail felony, and theft between $1,500 and $20,000, court records show.  She was booked into the Travis County Jail on Friday with bail set at $35,000.