Apple Sliced Sold In McDonald’s, Burger King, Wawa, and Wegman’s Recalled Over Listeria Contamination Risk

Apple Sliced Sold In McDonald's, Burger King, Wawa, and Wegman's Recalled Over Listeria Contamination RiskSliced apples distributed to fast-food and grocery chains across the country are being recalled due to possible Listeria contamination.  There have been no reported illnesses, however Listeria was discovered on processing equipment used by Missa Bay LLC, a division of Ready Pac Foods of New Jersey.

Among the items recalled were apple slices distributed to McDonald’s and Burger King in some states packaged fruit, veggies, salads and sandwiches containing apples distributed to Wawa convenience store and Wegman’s grocery chains, and various apple and fruit snacks with “Ready Pac” labels or “Safeway Farms” labels.  Items recalled have use-by dates of July 8 through Aug. 20.  Any items within the effected date should be discarded.

Symptoms in people besides pregnant women can include fever and muscle aches, headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance and convulsions.  Listeria is especially harmful to pregnant women, as it can lead to miscarriages.

Competitive Eater Furious Pete Takes The Michael Phelps Dietary Challenge – 12,000 Calories In One Sitting

Competitive Eater Furious Pete Takes The Michael Phelps Dietary Challenge - 12,000 Calories In One Sitting

You’ve no doubt noticed that the Olympics are currently on, even if the coverage is horribly delayed on our US airwaves.  You may have also noticed that Michael Phelps has won an awful lot of medals.  During an interview he revealed that his training diet consists of 12,000+ calories per day.  That’s the better part of a weeks worth of food for most of us.  He packs that into 24 hours.  Furious Pete is a competitive eater.  He saw that as a challenge.  If only competitive eater were an Olympic sport.

So then, this is one man – eating 12,300 calories in one half hour sitting.  It’s been edited down to a few minutes – you can imagine watching someone eating for half an hour would be about as entertaining as a spinal tap.  Check out the video below.

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Pizza Cutter or Modern Art?

Pizza Cutter or Modern Art?

I’m pretty solidly in the camp of form follows function.  Make it work properly, then make it pretty.  If you’ve done your homework (think the original VW Beetle, the KitchenAid Mixer, or the original Braun shaver) things are gorgeous and they work better than anyone could have imagined.  I’m honestly not sure how the Rösle Pizza Wheel stacks up.  It looks like you could do some damage in hand to hand combat, that much is sure.  The innovative design has a free running roller blade, an ergonomic handle for safe use, and it comes apart for easy cleaning of pizza residue.

Pizza Cutter or Modern Art?

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Infographic Of The Day – Americans Are Fat

Here’s a surprise.  Americans eat too much.  Giant portions, giant sodas, and giant asses.  This new infographic tries to put all that in perspective.  Comparing U.S. serving sizes from today with those of 20 years ago is fairly revealing.  Portions have at least doubled since 1992, sometimes expanding by 400%.  That’s a lot of expansion.  The chart also compares portions between the U.S. and the rest of the world.  Where you aware that people gain weight just by moving here?  Makes sense.  The study mentions a group of Tarahumara Indians (the guys who run bare foot for hundreds of miles) who gained nearly 10 pounds in five weeks after adopting the American diet.

Give the whole infographic a gander – as usual click on the picture for a larger image: Continue reading

Ice Cream Consumption Infographic – Long Beach, CA Ranks In At #1

We recently took a day trip out to some of the islands around Seattle.  On our way we stopped at Snow Goose Produce, a gorgeous farm stand that promised “immodest” ice cream cones.  Who the hell can resist that?  Immodest is an understatement.  Obscenely large is a better descriptor, but immodest probably gets more people in the door.  For a few bucks you’ll be doing arm presses trying to get that fresh waffle cone into your fat face.  Oh, and they hand-roll their own waffle cones.  Evil.  Pure Evil.

On that (somewhat related) note, here’s some other ice cream information for your consumption.  To be honest I’d have to imagine this isn’t totally scientific.  Actually I imagine scientists would scoff and mock this study, but it’s interesting and a neat useless-information-for-the-summer kind of thing, so here it is.  Utilizing the total number of credit card transactions at ice cream and frozen yogurt shops, data aggregation company Bundle has compiled a list of the top ten cities in America as far as ice cream consumption is concerned.  Good information if you’re about to open up an ice cream shop.  Just for fun, otherwise.

Not so surprisingly, eternally sunny Long Beach, CA comes in first place for most ice cream consumed (well money spent at least) across the nation.  Long Beach dwellers get 268% more ice cream and spend 1061%(!) more on frozen treats than the average American.  That’s a solid 5 times more than any other city in the US.  Fort Worth, TX spend residents spend 225% above average, and folks in Columbus, OH shell out 200% above average.

There’s a lot of data to be parsed out here.  DC is high on the list – they eat 85% more ice cream than the national average and at 92% more than the average American, D.C. tops the list as the state that eats ice cream most frequently.

As usual, click on the image below for a larger version you can actually read.

Ice Cream Consumption Infographic - Long Beach, CA Ranks In At #1

Scottsdale, Arizona Residents Oppose Law To Make Ice Cream Trucks Legal

Scottsdale, Arizona Residents Oppose Law To Make Ice Cream Trucks Legal

My initial response to this story was a hearty “Huh??”  I’m still not convinced.  This town sounds like an unhappy bunch.  Who doesn’t love a food truck?  Or ice cream trucks?  Scottsdale, Arizona – that’s who.

Scottsdale apparently has a ban on street vendors that is decades old.  A recent measure was floated to lift that ban and it was met with strong opposition from residents.  Food trucks are apparently not universally loved.  Who knew?

Scottsdale banned the street vendors and food trucks during the 70′s, apparently amid fears they were dealing drugs (no joke.)  The proposal would have allowed mobile vendors access to residential streets, so long as they don’t serve warm foods.  So pretty much we’re talking ice cream trucks.

Let’s be clear on one point – as is always the case with this kind of thing – that huge swell of opposition came from 15 residents.  15 sticks in the mud showed up to share their displeasure and ruin an opportunity to buy some frozen treats on the streets of Scottsdale.  Officials have stated the whole thing is not a “done deal”. shares comments from one resident:

“The last thing I want is some guy going in an ice-cream truck up and down the same streets, knowing somebody is on vacation,” said resident Art Lorenzen.


Lorenzen said he installed security measures at his house after a recent spate of crimes in his community.


“A guy driving an ice-cream truck is probably not the best-quality person,” Lorenzen said. “I think that’s one of my concerns, this guy driving slowly down the street, maybe not the first day or second day, but the third day, when they (residents) are on vacation.”


Scottsdale, Arizona Residents Oppose Law To Make Ice Cream Trucks Legal


There are food trucks all over Seattle and I don’t think that’s ever been a concern.  The lady (Adria Shimada) who runs the Parfait ice cream truck is my hero.  She makes ice cream a block from our house in a commercial kitchen and sells it out of her adorable truck.  She is not a guy, and she is a quality person.  I’ve never seen her checking out to see who’s on vacation, either.

Other, perhaps more reasonable residents, expressed some concern for children who might be running across the street to reach the truck.  Plausible.

Scottsdale is one of the outlaws ice cream trucks. Supporters say it would bring back “fond memories of childhood.”  But get this, the proposal doesn’t allow the ice cream man to play any music.  None of that classic ice cream truck jingle.  What gives, Scottsdale?

According to the folks at the The Arizona Republic, the proposal came about when a local teen wrote to the Scottsdale Mayor, Jim Lane, after he discovered his family’s ice cream truck business would be illegal in Scottsdale.  The family currently operate their truck in Phoenix.