An Animated Zoetrope Cake Inspired by Tim Burton

An Animated Zoetrope Cake Inspired by Tim Burton

I first fell in love with Tim Burton when I got my hands on The Nightmare Before Christmas.  And I love cake.  What could be better than an edible zoetrope (say what?) cake?  Clearly not much.

Alexandre Dubosc is an artist and apparently quite a powerhouse in the edible zoetrope field.  Who knew there was such a thing?  What the hell is a zoetrope? – I hear you asking.  It’s something that simulates movement by flashing static pictures.  Like a flip book.  Dubosc recently created The Caketrope of Burton’s Team.  It’s an animated cake celebrating the works of Tim Burton. How many Burton references can you pick out.  I absolutely love this thing.  Check out the video below.

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Sriracha Spray Bottle

Sriracha Spray Bottle

This is perhaps the most credible work of evil genius that I’ve seen in recent memory.  Who doesn’t love themselves some hot sriracha?  What could be better than being able to spray an even layer across your food?  The Sriracha Spray Bottle is the creation of Reddit user aoisenshi.  Officially titled The Sprayracha – you can make one of your own, and lightly mist your foodstuffs with the most badass of condiments.  You can also keep a bottle by your bedside and thwart the violent criminal with a tasty hot spray to the eyes.  Who needs mace?

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Juice Boxes Made Out Of Actual Fruit – Camp Nectar and AGE Isobar Roll Out Best Ad Campaign Ever

Juice Boxes Made Out Of Actual Fruit - Camp Nectar and AGE Isobar Roll Out Best Ad Campaign EverAfter two years of tinkering and experimenting, juice company Camp Nectar and AGE Isobar revealed the real fruit “juice boxes” they’d teamed up to produce.  It’s real fruit shaped just like their juice box line.  How the hell were they able to produce lemons, guavas, passion fruit, papayas, apples, and oranges, each one of them box-shaped and with Camp’s logo grown right into their flesh? Continue reading

Catherine Scalia – Long Island Hot Dog Hooker – Pleads Guilty to Soliciting Undercover Cop

Catherine Scalia - Long Island Hot Dog Hooker - Pleads Guilty to Soliciting Undercover Cop

Police in Nassau County have arrested this enchantress – 45-year-old Catherine Scalia –  after detectives say she was offering up more than a dirty water dog from her grotesque 30 year old Winnebago roadside hot dog truck.  Scalia, of East Rockaway, was arrested Thursday after authorities said an undercover officer bought two dogs and she offered to engage in sexual conduct at her home with in return for money.

According to the police, the officer asked about the specials and Scalia offered a striptease later that night for $100 at her East Rockaway home.  The cop showed up to her house and said Scalia wanted to perform sex acts for an additional $50.  She was placed under arrest and charged with prostitution. Catherine Scalia - Long Island Hot Dog Hooker - Pleads Guilty to Soliciting Undercover Cop

“The agreed amount was about $100 and then to further engage in an additional sex act — it was another $50,” said Nassau County Detective Lt. Kevin Smith.  Authorities said she would drum up business using suggestive business cards passed out at her truck and nearby stores.  She’d bring clients back to her home in East Rockaway.  Neighbors said they’re not shocked by the prostitution arrest.

“She was leaving little cards around CVS for naked house cleaning, topless house cleaning,” one neighbor told CBS New York.  The hot dog truck now sits in the driveway of the home that neighbors said Scalia grew up in and where she raised triplets who are now teenagers.

“I plead guilty to stripping,” said Scalia. “Not prostitution, prostitution is sex and I am Sister Theresa here.” (She did actually plead prostitution, so there’s certainly some wishful thinking or extreme confusion on her part.)

“I’m sexy and I know it,” screamed Scalia as she addressed the media outside the jailhouse. “If Pamela Anderson can show her T–, so can I.  I’m right in front of Pep Boys on Baldwin in Freeport.” said Scalia, giving the location where she’d be selling her dogs and peddling her frightening “goods.”

The judge, tellingly, ordered Scalia to get a psychiatric evaluation as a condition of her release.  If she does not, it’s back to jail for 90 days.  As a further update, Ms. Scalia is no longer selling dogs.  She parked her truck on private property without the owner’s permission the day after she was released.  Police came to remove her and also found she had no permits whatsoever.  Oops.  Safe to say that Ms. Scalia won’t be selling dogs anytime soon, nor anything else.

10 Bad Cooking Habits You Need To Break

Here are four things you may have been doing for years, but shouldn’t, and tips on what to do instead.  I have been guilty of more than a few at one time or another in my culinary career.

10 Bad Cooking Habits You Need To Break1. Stop Relying On Pop-Out Thermometers - An overcooked turkey sucks – let’s face it.  Pop up thermometers are set in the turkey breast and calibrated to pop at 180 degrees F.  That’s way past the ideal temperature.  Your bird will be sawdust at this point.  Safe to eat?  Yes.  Liable to get your cooking brought up for warcrimes?  Definite possibility.  Buy a cheap instant-read digital thermometer.  The best ten bucks you’ll ever spend.  Cook your poultry to 160-165 degrees F and let it coast the rest of the way up while it’s resting.  Safe to eat and moist to boot. Continue reading

A Few Simple Steps To A Properly Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

A Few Simple Steps To A Properly Seasoned Cast Iron SkilletCast iron skillets are wonderful things.  They work on and in the oven, properly seasoned, they are non-stick, and they’re heavy.  Heavy is good.  Properly seasoned is the key, however.  Soak it in some soap and water and you’ve got a pan that will stick just about anything to the inside.  So how to season a pan to get that perfect non-stick surface?

1. Pre-heat oven to 325° to 350° F
2. Wash skillet with warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly.
3. Apply a thin coat of vegetable oil, or vegetable shortening with a paper towel on all surfaces, inside and out.  Everything.
4. Place in oven on center rack, upside down. Put a baking sheet on the rack beneath to catch anything that might migrate off it.
5. Bake for an hour, turn off heat, open door, and allow to cool inside oven before removing. 
6. You are done!  Enjoy your newly seasoned pan.

A Few Simple Steps To A Properly Seasoned Cast Iron SkilletTo wash, scrub with hot water and a brush without detergent.  Don’t use soap.  Never use sharp or metal utensils while cooking and never place in the dishwasher. If it does in fact find its way into the dishwasher, just repeat seasoning process.