Happy Pi Day – It’s An Apple Pi

Happy Pi Day - It's An Apple PiToday is Pi Day.  This link will take you to one million digits of Pi.  Pi Day is meant to celebrate and promote mathematics.  It’s also a great excuse to make some pie. I wasn’t so busy today but someone was.  Check out the Pi pie that some entrepreneurial person put together over at Instructables.  That’s some math I can sink my teeth into.Happy Pi Day - It's An Apple Pi

Happy Pi Day - It's An Apple Pi

Bunny Cookie Cutters – Just In Time For Easter

Bunny Cookie Cutters - Just In Time For EasterCreated by Patti Paige of Baked Ideas, this line of Easter-themed cookie cutters will have you baking like rabbits.  Patti has hand crafted over 2200 different cutters with some available at Baked Idea’s store.Bunny Cookie Cutters - Just In Time For Easter

Silly Doritos Chip Pairing Infographic

I’m not much on Doritos really.  I’m more a chips and salsa guy.  And I like to make my own salsa.  That doesn’t make Doritos a bad thing.  They certainly have their place.  Like the Superbowl.  To that end, Doritos has contrived an infographic pairing guide to show you what Doritos might go well with a particular snack.  A bit silly if not bordering on gross, but it shows a bit of hustle on the Doritos end, if nothing else.  Salsa Verde and a Bud anyone?

Click on the image for a larger size graphic.

Silly Doritos Chip Pairing Infographic

Merry Christmas Everybody!!! (And Happy Holidays Too!)

Well have a nice day everyone.  If I’m up for it you may get some picture out of me of our celebrations.  If I’m in a food coma here’s a few random shots from around the world to make your day a little brighter.

Milano Christmas

That’s Christmas in Milan.  Buon Natale to you!

White Christmas UK

A very white Christmas in the UK

Paris Christmas

Paris Christmas

Seattle Christmas

Seattle Christmas!

Everyone have a safe and happy day.  Here’s hoping you’re having a warm and festive day with family and friends, or at least having a comfy day off.  Just don’t get all wrapped up in the consumer crap and be happy to be alive and well.  Here’s hoping you didn’t get coal in your stocking or that your Menorah is still brightly lit for a few more days (three more?)

Happy Holidays all!

Stay Thin This Holiday Season (Or At Least Not Get Fatter)

Stay Thin This Holiday Season

Oh the holidays.  Christmas cookies are my weakness.  I could subsist on Christmas cookies for weeks.  Scurvy be damned.  I’ll find myself a lemon square.  Gaining weight during the holidays seems almost inevitable.  In all honesty it’s a battle to keep from blowing up like dirigible during the holiday season.  But research shows that on average most of us will put on at least two pounds during every holiday we partake in. Gah!  This may not seem like a substantial amount. But nutritionists claim that many of us never lose this weight and we simply go on getting larger every year.  Well fatty has a few tips for you to keep that from happening…. Continue reading

Ginger Shortbread Cookies

Ginger Shortbread Christmas Cookies

This is my first Christmas season clear across the country.  I hadn’t thought things would be much different, but I realized this morning that we’re only weeks away from Christmas and it doesn’t feel like it at all.  I’m sure part of it is the relative dearth of Christmas lights.  Sure people have lights up, they even shut our damn cable and internet off for two hours because they were stringing lights on the tower.  Really?  Perhaps it’s the weather, grey isn’t quite as Christmas as snow or cold weather.  While it’s a bit chilly, it’s not that crisp what-the-hell cold I’m used to.  I’ve decided I needed to do something about that; some Christmas cookies are in order then.

My mother used to make about 372 different types of Christmas cookies each year.  The height of my existence as a child when I was growing up was waking up Christmas morning and aside from all the great gifts, knowing that I could subsist on nothing but Christmas Cookies for the whole day and no one would say anything about it.  There were so many cookies I’m not sure anyone would have even noticed.  Gingerbread men, pfeffernusse, those thumb-print jelly cookies, peanut butter-Hersheys Kiss cookies, butter cookies, chocolate truffle cookies, sugar cookies….an endless list of different types of sugar goodness. Continue reading