Eating Out – Seattle’s Kimchi Bistro

Eating Out - Seattle's Kimchi BistroIt’s not terribly often that I mention where we go when eating out.  When I do it’s because we’ve found a place that’s generally added to a “usual spot” for dinner options.  That only happens when it’s a good mix of price, options, food, or some other intangible.  For the moment in Seattle it’s been Obasan Sushi and Toulouse Petit - both two-minute walks from our comfy abode and both for their happy hour fare.  Unbeknownst to us until recently – Toulouse Petit is one of the Ten Best Happy Hours in the Nation – at least according to CNBC.  I’d go along with that.  It’s fairly epic.

Tonight we decided we’d go out for dinner and a movie.  For the dinner portion we sort of just winged it and turned to Yelp.  I’d had some recommendations for a great Thai place that’s just around the corner, but we opted to give a Korean restaurant on hipster-village Capitol Hill a shot.  It looked promising, many positive reviews on Yelp and it looked vaguely hole-in-the-wall-ish. Continue reading