Here We Go Again – The World’s Most Expensive Pizza

Here We Go Again - The World’s Most Expensive PizzaWe recently got through with the World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog and Most Expensive Burger.  It seems like it’s just a contest to see who can assemble the most expensive ingredients on item X and get as much press as possible out of the deal.  I’m not one to disappoint, so here’s the World’s Most Expensive Pizza.

Vancouver, British Columbia based Steveston Pizza Company has rolled out what has recently been named The World’s Most Expensive Pizza.  It tallies in $450.  It would have to be very special, I could probably make 300+ homemade pizzas for the same price.  No exaggeration.

Here We Go Again - The World’s Most Expensive Pizza

Nader Hatami Posing With Some Of His Less Expensive Offerings.

The Vancouver eatery has already sold one of the $450 pies and seven other orders for a $120 version. “I never thought I’d sell so many,” the owner Nader Hatami said.

What exactly do you get when you decide you need to the “guy” to spend $450 on a pizza?  I’m glad you asked.  It’s called the C6.  It’s topped with a thermidor of lobster and black Alaskan cod, and a dollop of Russian Osetra caviar, because, you know, it has to have caviar.  Right.  If you’re feeling a bit more “reasonable” there’s a $120 version (dubbed the C5, of course) which is topped with roasted garlic, Icelandic scampi, smoked steelhead, and lobster ratatouille.  If you’re a ham-and-egger like me, there’s always their regular lineup of $14-$20 pizzas.  You know, for the riff-raff.

If you were wondering what pizza held the old record you won’t be surprised to find out that it was offered by bastion of good temperament and grace – Gordon Ramsey.  His Maze restaurant offered the pizza for $178.  It is topped with onion puree, white truffle paste, Fontina cheese, baby mozzarella, pancetta, Cepe mushrooms, freshly picked wild mizuna lettuce, and shaved white truffles that run $1,200 a pound.

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This Is A Pizza Vending Machine

This Is A Pizza Vending MachineSometimes you need pizza now.  Not Domino’s now.  Like now – now.  A half hour can be long time.  If your standards aren’t particularly high and you’ve got a few minutes Let’s Pizza could be your answer.  Like Red Box, only somewhat tastier.  Pop a few dollars in one slot and you’ll get a hot pizza through another in two and a half minutes.  I have to wonder how tasty something shooting out a vending machine is going to be.  I was viciously attacked by a vending machine burrito in the wilds of America some time ago and haven’t quite learned to trust hot vending machine “edibles” since.

The machines have proven to be quite a success in Europe.  So much so that they will be emigrating to the U.S. shortly.  Look for them at your local strip mall, college campus, or convenience store in the near future.  If you’re wondering what it’s all about, check out the video below.

Easy Calzones – (Pizza in Ball Format)

Easy Calzones - (Pizza in Ball Format)So this week we’ve got a house guest (or a room guest more accurately – given the size of our place) and we’ve been doing a lot of eating out.  Tonight we had some sushi and wandered around a few of the great local markets.  Home and safely ensconced in our warm little abode thoughts ran to what we might like for dinner/late night snack.  Pizza was an idea but then I thought – I’ve already done pizza – what the hell else can I make that we like – that’s easy – tasty – and quick.  Calzones!  That’s what.  I like me a calzone, and a simple one at that.  It needn’t be stuffed with chicken or meats and peppers and all manner of things.  How about some dough, cheese, and sauce.  That sounds mighty tasty all by itself.  So let’s get to it.

I started with my usual pizza dough recipe.  I even cribbed some of the text right from that post – you know because I’m lazy: Continue reading

Delivery Cheesy Bread At Home

Delivery Cheesy Bread At HomeIf you like cheesy bread like Dominoes of just about any pizza place offers these days this recipe is for you.  Pizza places offer this because it’s really just a small pizza with nothing but cheese and seasonings on it.  Makes sense for them.  I could be persuaded to bypass the pizza altogether and just eat cheesy bread.  Why don’t they offer a full size version?  Lack of vision.  I’m not so short-sighted.   Continue reading

Asparagus, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Pizza

Asparagus, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese PizzaWe’ve got a very good pizza dough recipe down and use it fairly regularly.  It’s easy to make and let’s face it, nothing’s better than a good homemade pizza.  Often it’s just a simple pizza with red sauce or a white pizza heavy on cheese or garlic.  We were looking for something a little different the other night, however.  This pizza certainly qualifies I think. Continue reading

Fresh Sage and Sweet Pepper Sausage Pizza

Fresh Sage and Sweet Pepper Sausage PizzaFresh in from a long day at work (OK maybe not a long day – but tiresome nonetheless) I was home, hungry, and not looking for aggravation.  If I’m being honest I didn’t completely make the call on this.  My other half said – “I was thinking of getting a pizza.”  This roughly translates to “Hey – make a pizza, stupid.”  Being the dutiful boyfriend I am, I got to making some dough.

Fresh Sage and Sweet Pepper Sausage PizzaThis recipe uses the same recipe for dough that I almost always use.  Namely this one.  It’s quick and easy.  Very easy.  While my dough was taking a minute or two proof and come to grips with its own existence, I got the rest of my necessary goods together.  The great thing about pizza is that it’s really simple, very quick, and very tasty.  What’s not to like about that combination? Continue reading