White Pizza!

White PizzaWe had that extra helping of pizza dough left over from the other night’s pizza - what to do with it?  You’ll find the recipe for the dough in the link there or here.  Tonight we were both feeling a little bready.  Well I was, and I was baking the thing so my vote’s worth more.  White pizza it is.  It also helps that it was after midnight and I needed a snack.  If you already have the dough ready, this takes more time to think about than it does to make.  White pizza can be almost anything you like.  This version is quite flat bread-ish.   Not a bad thing, who doesn’t like bread?  Communists, that’s who…This is about as simple as it gets for white pizza, quick, easy, not too many ingredients, and really quite like the red pizza minus the sauce.  No bad thing that.

The spreading of the pizza out on a surface thing goes exactly the same.  The dough we had in the fridge, despite it refrigeration, had expanded quite a bit – yeast being what it is and all.  Just the act of getting it out of the bowl it was in is enough to punch it down to a reasonable and usable state again.  Flour a working surface – again you’ll notice I was being lazy and just got the cookie sheet out.  I floured and spread it out right on there.  It doesn’t take too long and saves me from having to clean up the counter, a nice thing after midnight I assure you. Continue reading

Simple Homemade Pizza & Dough – DOH!

Home-made PizzaOn nights when I’m feeling lazy, pizza becomes a viable and quick option.  Ordering pizza isn’t cheap and tends to not be particularly healthy.  This pizza costs about a buck to make (gives you an idea how bad you’re getting ripped off ordering from Domino’s) and is better than most anything you’ll get ordering out.  I make the pizza dough in a double batch, that way there’s enough to toss in a bowl in the fridge for the next time I want a pizza – and that usually doesn’t take terribly long.  Pizza goes quickly in our house – seems most food does.  It takes minutes to make the dough, and minutes to make the pizza, and minutes to bake it.  Truly fast food.  And you won’t believe how delicate the dough is.  It’s a happy revelation from what you get with store-bought dough or pre-made shells.  You’ll never go back. Continue reading