Delivery Cheesy Bread At Home

Delivery Cheesy Bread At HomeIf you like cheesy bread like Dominoes of just about any pizza place offers these days this recipe is for you.  Pizza places offer this because it’s really just a small pizza with nothing but cheese and seasonings on it.  Makes sense for them.  I could be persuaded to bypass the pizza altogether and just eat cheesy bread.  Why don’t they offer a full size version?  Lack of vision.  I’m not so short-sighted.   Continue reading

Apple Strudel Muffins

Apple Strudel Muffins

After making Jacques Pepin’s delightful Apple Tart I had an enormous quantity of leftover apples already cut up.  Because apples turn brown precisely 3.2 seconds after they’ve been cut I clearly needed to do something with them NOW.  I looked around for a recipe that might be tasty that called for apples.  There were a lot of pies, turnovers, and other recipes that were far too complex for my laziness at the moment.  I finally stumbled over an Apple Strudel Muffin recipe, courtesy of NMARIEA on Allrecipes (my initial go to when I need a recipe for anything.)  I generally do a search and sort by ratings, pick which one looks best and then hunt through the comments to see what changes people have been making to make it better.  A big bag of win for group sourcing there.Apple Strudel Muffins

I generally don’t make anything unless it’s four and a half stars or better, with hundreds or thousands of reviews.  That pretty much guarantees I won’t be wasting my time.  There’s nothing worse than investing time, resources, and energy into a recipe and ending up with something I wouldn’t feed to the pigeons.  That makes me angry.  To be sure there’s failure in cooking sometimes, and that failure often brings its own learning.  No bad thing.  Better to enter into things with knowledge that four thousand people thought this was tasty, however.  As a side note I love the people in the comments who give the recipe a one or two star rating but then go on to reveal they didn’t actually make the recipe: Continue reading

Irish Soda Bread – Sort Of…

Irish Soda BreadBread borders on a religion for me.  No surprise there, if you’ve read through the blog a bit; there’s quite a few bread recipes.  There will be quite a few more I imagine.  I’ve toyed around with bread enough, I’ve not even scratched the surface here.

Most of the Irish Soda Bread I’d had growing up was dry enough to sop up oil spills in the garage.  Gack.  Not my idea of a good time really.  I liked the idea, a simple yeast-less quick bread that was easy to put together.  I just don’t like my bread that incredibly dry.  This one is different.  It’s nowhere near as dry.  It tastes great out of the oven.  It tastes even better the next day after it’s been wrapped up in foil overnight.  Something goes on in there during those wee hours alone, things mature and meld.  It’s surprisingly simple and takes well to some variation. Continue reading