Salmon (Sake) Sashimi at Home

Salmon (Sake) Sashimi at HomeGood sushi can be a difficult thing to find.  Scratch that, inexpensive, good sushi is hard to find.  Good sushi is easy when you’re paying $200 for dinner, although I’ve even had that get screwed up.  And wow does that make you angry.  Some guy has the gall to be charging prices for fish that would buy ingots of silver the same weight and somehow the texture and taste aren’t all quite there.  Boo!  A good sushi place with reasonable prices is magical – like a unicorn.Salmon (Sake) Sashimi at Home

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Simple Steamers – Manila Clams For Dinner

Simple Steamers - Manila Clams For DinnerBeing a New Englander by birth, I have a thing for seafood.  My other half detests seafood unless it’s sushi.  Cook a piece of fish and I have to turn the hood vent on to make sure he doesn’t smell it, lest I face a household mutiny.  On the rare occasion we go somewhere that’s a “seafood restaurant” he’ll order steak.

I will, on the other hand, eat the ocean.  I love clams, muscles, lobster, fish of any kind, seaweed, anything really.  I’ll eat “junk” fish like tilapia (everyone loves to tell you that it’s a bottom feeding fish and it’s gross to even think about what it eats – “That eats fish poo!”)  I don’t care.  So is a lobster and people pay through the nose for the privilege.  Ditto clams and oysters.  Soft shell crab?  Bread and fry that sucker up and I’ll attack it like they were my last meal.  Delicious.  Whatever it’s filtering, I want more of it. Continue reading