Homemade Applesauce

Homemade ApplesauceWhen I lived on the East Coast I made apple sauce all the time.  All the time.  It’s really quick, it’s really easy, and applesauce is both tasty and a great way to make a lot of recipes more healthy.  Apples are cheap on the East Coast.  I wasn’t aware that on the West Coast apples are like truffles.  Or caviar.  Or platinum.  What the hell is with that?  I could get a three pound bag of Granny Smith apples for $2.99 back when.  They are double the price here.  $1.99 a pound?  Really?  Are the seeds rare earth metals?  Is there a West Coast apple picking union which requires breaks every half hour of orchard time?  There are orchards all over Washington State.  It’s not like they have to ship them half way across the country.  This isn’t Hawaii or Alaska.  I’m bordering on incensed over this.  Just saying.

That aside I still like homemade applesauce quite a bit, so after getting over the sticker shock the other day I decided to make a batch.  Apples don’t make a lot of applesauce, no getting around that.  However many apples you buy, you’re going to look at the finished product and say “That’s it?”  That’s just the way it is unfortunately.  But it’s still worth the effort. Continue reading

Cheesy Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Cheesy Garlic Mashed PotatoesAlright this is an easy one.  But it’s a favorite.  They are quite tasty.  And they are a starch – well established that I quite enjoy them.  And there’s garlic.  In abundance.  What’s better than that?

I don’t like my mashed potatoes all smooth and well mixed.  That’s not to say I like artificially lumpy mashed.  Nay nay.  I don’t use a mixer either, it seems like cheating a bit.  I have a heavy potato masher and it’s a lovely therapeutic thing to give everything a solid thrashing.

This recipe is a bit of a staple.  Many people have different mashed potato recipes, I’m sure they’re probably all right.  This one isn’t healthy, really.  Don’t expect weight watchers with this one.  What you will get is a really tasty side, or snack, or a meal if you feel the way I do about potatoes. Continue reading

Meyer Lemon and Rosemary Salt Roasted Potatoes

Meyer Lemon and Rosemary Salt Roasted PotatoesI have a professed love for starch.  Not much of a surprise.  Bread, potatoes…anything starchy really, I’m in.  These potatoes are fairly on the out of control level.  They take a while to cook, twice even, but the lemon thing is really mellow and they actually caramelize really really nicely (the lemons – not the potatoes.)  They are one of those things that might take a little while, but you can walk away and do something else for almost the whole time they’re doing their thing.  Bonus! Continue reading

Kickin’ Homefries – The Best I’ve Ever Had!

Kickin' Home Fries

As much as I like bread, potatoes are a close second.  Starch I guess runs my life.  I’m surprised I don’t huff cans of laundry starch to get a fix when I’m feeling the urge for something starchy.   Mashed, salt potatoes, fries, nothing comes quite close to my ideal as a homefry.    I have a thing about homefries.  They’re either too bland, too burnt, or too smooshy.  A bit of a case of Goldilocks – nothing is ever quite right.  But I’ve figured it out, finally!!   I’ve fried them, steamed them, baked them…combinations of all of the above.  Nothing ever gave me what I was looking for.  I finally got a lock on it, and it makes them easier and healthier to boot.  Another win-win!  Brown, crispy, not burnt, not greasy, spicy and salty, and fluffy inside.  I could not be more ecstatic. Continue reading