Sriracha Popcorn Now Exists For Your Consumption

Sriracha Popcorn Now Exists For Your Consumption

We’re always looking to bring you some sort of Sriracha news.  Any news in that field is simply exciting, if not just plain spicy.  The folks over at The Oatmeal really like their Sriracha.  So much so that they’ve teamed up with J&D’s (purveyor of popcorn among other things) and they’ve teamed up to bring the world Sriracha Popcorn.

It’s not just popcorn with Sriracha dumped over the top, tasty as that might sound – the recipe is a mixture of salt, pepper, garlic, and Sriracha.  And, the label is courtesy of The Oatmeal.  Available at The Oatmeal Shop here.

This Is A Beef Jerky Sasquatch

This Is A Beef Jerky SasquatchHappy National Beef Jerky Day!  Well okay, it was yesterday.  We all missed it.  Never mind that.  Let’s celebrate a day late.  I won’t tell if you don’t.  You could grab a shitty Slim-Jim or you could check out the video below.  To celebrate this great day, mosaic artist Jason Mecier created a beef jerky portrait of Sasquatch.  For the beefy bit, he partnered with Jack Links Beef Jerky.  That’s one happy looking Sasquatch.

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Burger King Introduces Bacon Sundae (Among Other Tasties) For Summer Menu

Burger King Introduces Bacon Sundae (Among Other Tasties) For Summer MenuYou have to try harder if you’re number two.  The world’s second biggest hamburger chain announced that on Thursday they’ll be launching a good many improvements and additions to the menu.  There are pork, beef and chicken sandwiches as limited time offers.  And if you’re craving something sweet BK is also offering a bacon sundae.  That’s right, vanilla soft serve with fudge, caramel, bacon crumbles and a piece of bacon on top.  It’s 510 calories and 18 grams of fat all served up in a little bowl.  No word on how it tastes but how can you go wrong with bacon.

It’s not a permanent menu addition, the limited-time items are Burger King’s latest push to win back customers.  Burgers King was bought out by private equity firm 3G Capital in 2010 and since they’ve been making efforts to revise menus, bring back customers, and try to claw their way to higher profits.

Earlier in the year, Burger King launched their largest menu expansion.  That expansion included fruit smoothies, new salad items, and some snack wraps.  Burger King is trying to court families and the calorie conscious, rather than just going after the snack and fast food crowd.  They’ve even gotten themselves a new tagline – “Taste Is King,” which will replace the old “Have It Your Way.”

This month, 3G plans to take Burger King public on the New York Stock Exchange.

If you’re wondering what the Burger King summer menu looks like it includes:

  • Memphis Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich
  • Texas BBQ Whopper
  • Carolina BBQ Chicken Sandwich
  • Carolina BBQ Whopper
  • Texas BBQ Whopper
  • Texas BBQ Chicken Sandwich
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Frozen Lemonade
  • Bacon Sundae

The items will be available through the summer or while supplies last.

This Is Now The World’s Most Expensive Burger

This Is Now The World’s Most Expensive Burger

Serendipity 3 Burger

A few days ago there was a flurry of articles about New York restaurant Serendipity 3 debuting the “world’s most expensive burger.”  The Manhattan café that played a starring role in the 2001 film Serendipity and is also home to the $1,000-dollar sundae, has created Le Burger Extravagant at $295 a pop.  What do you get for your money?

Japanese Wagyu beef infused with 10-herb white truffle butter, seasoned with Salish Alderwood smoked Pacific sea salt, topped with cheddar cheese – hand-formed by the famous cheesemaker James Montgomery in Somerset, England, and cave-aged for 18 months – shaved black truffles, a fried quail egg and served on a white truffle-buttered Campagna Roll, which is topped with a blini, creme fraiche, and Paramout Caviar’s exclusive Kaluga caviar – a beautiful golden caviar with a buttery, nutty taste and large pearls from the Huso Dauricus farm raised in Quzhou, China.”

Only it’s not the world’s most expensive burger.  They’ve been outdone by a food truck.  Behold the $666 Douche Burger.

Created by 666 Burger the Douche Burger is more than double the price of Serendipity’s offering.  Stuffed with foie-gras, the gold-leaf-wrapped Kobe patty is topped with caviar, lobster, truffles, Gruyère melted with Champagne steam (!), and BBQ sauce made using Kopi Luwak coffee.  If you’re not familiar with Kopi Luwak coffee there’s probably good reason.  It’s $100 a pound.  Oh, and the coffee beans are eaten by civet cats and after being digested and shat out, the beans are cleaned, roasted, and offered to you as a tasty and very expensive beverage.  Yeah, civet shit coffee.  Yum.

And, according to 666 Burger’s Facebook page the burger is completely legit.  Here’s a picture.

This Is Now The World’s Most Expensive Burger

And The “Winner” Is…..

While they are offering it, it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek.  Okay, it’s a lot tongue-in-cheek.  The boys over at 666 Burger seem very angry at the thought of just piling super expensive ingredients on a burger and charging a fat sum for it, so they rolled this sucker out as a statement of burger intentions… “[The Douche Burger] may not taste good, but will make you feel rich as f*ck.”  Indeed.

- via Thrillist -

Taco Bell Sells 100 Million Doritos Locos Tacos in Just 10 Weeks

Taco Bell Sells 100 Million Doritos Locos Tacos in Just 10 WeeksIf you’ve not heard, Taco Bell is now selling Doritos flavored Taco shells.  I’m not huge on Doritos but I know I’m in the minority on that account.  They only started selling them a few months ago.  In an announced last Friday, Taco Bell let everyone know that they’re doing quite well with their new product, thank you.

The new Doritos Locos Tacos have sold over 100 million copies in the last 10 weeks, making it the chains most successful product launch ever.  Previously that honor belonged to the Crunchwrap, which launched in 2005 and was so popular it became a permanent menu item the following year

Taco Bell even took the opportunity to fire a shot across rivals bow in the release; “McDonald’s sold its first 100 million burgers in 1958 – 18 years after the first McDonald’s burger stand opened, and three years after Ray Kroc started his first McDonald’s franchise.”

One has to imagine that as long as Pepsi (owner of the Doritos brand) is happy with the arrangement, Doritos Locos Tacos would, like the Crunchwrap before it, become a permanent part of the Taco Bell menu.  The company isn’t saying but they are promising more flavors will become forthcoming; Cool Ranch is set to debut shortly.

Every Two Hours A New 7-Eleven Opens Somewhere In The World

Every Two Hours A New 7-Eleven Opens Somewhere In The WorldWhen you think corporate world domination, you think Wal-Mart, or Starbucks.  7-Eleven doesn’t normally come to mind.  They’d like to change that.  In fact they’ve been hard at work on the front for quite some time.

I remember not that long ago when 7-Eleven was in some serious trouble.  The company was bought out by management in the late 80′s in a highly leveraged deal.  In 1987 there was a stock market crash.  That’s never good when you’re using someone else’s money.  Stock had to be floated to give the bonds value and the Japanese arm came in and bought a controlling stake.  By 2005 the Japanese had formed Seven & I Holdings and had folded all operations into their corporation.  7-Eleven is now larger than McDonald’s worldwide, boasting more than 46,300 retail locations.  That’s a lot.

Every Two Hours A New 7-Eleven Opens Somewhere In The WorldAnd that’s not all.  7-Eleven owns quite a few brands aside from their retail shops.  Movie Quik, an in-store video-rental service; Citgo (the gas stations and branded fuel operations,) Chief Auto Parts, Speak Out Wireless (a prepaid phone service sold in 7-Eleven locations,) White Hen Inc. (a convenience store chain mainly in Chicago and Massachusetts,) and a new deal is the works to purchase Open Pantry locations throughout Wisconsin.

That major growth is paying big dividends for the parent corporation.  Seven & I Holdings took in roughly $62.4 billion in sales in 2011, up almost $5 billion from 2010 figures and almost doubling revenue from 2006.

7-Eleven is focusing its major growth in South Korea, Thailand, the United States and Canada.  3,130 stores opened in those countries last year, according to Seven & I Holdings Co.’s annual report.  In the US, the chain is using the same saturation strategies that reaped huge benefits in Taipei and Tokyo.  New York City is one of the major markets set to see a large expansion in the next few years.

7-Eleven’s strategy isn’t just expansion.  7-Eleven encourages franchisees to custom tailor the items they sell to local markets.  In parts of New York they feature Kosher items and candies imported from Israel.  In Manhattan stores feature organic products.

If you’re in Hong Kong, you can eat at the 7 Café or pay your phone bills at the store.  In Taiwan you can pay traffic tickets, utility bills, or send packages.  Stores there are so popular that many intersections have two or three.  The government offered free health checkups for citizens last year and partnered with 7-Eleven to use it stores.  In Japan, shoppers can receive online shopping purchases at their local store, something the company has been testing in the United States with

“Our format is easily adaptable,” said Dan Porter, vice president of real estate for 7-Eleven Inc., the North American branch of the company. “We can open stores with gas [stations] or without gas, urban walkup stores, stores in strip centers. The flexibility gives us a competitive edge.”

Not everyone is enamored with the company’s expansion plans.  Residents in New York and New Jersey have protested stores coming into their neighborhoods, citing the possible harm to family run bodegas and the possibility of unsavory characters hanging around the 24 hour locations.  Protests in Portland, Oregon broke out over 15 proposed new store locations.  Regardless you’ll be seeing more 7-Eleven locations here and elsewhere.  Resistance Is Futile.