A Lazy Evening With Some Corn Chowder

A Lazy Evening With Some Corn Chowder

OK – perhaps not that lazy.  It’s not that I had a particularly unproductive day.  I worked.  I got some exercise.  I even washed the car.  The evening quickly turned lazy after the plan for a “dessert pizza” sort of thing was torpedoed by lack of a certain ingredient.  I wasn’t interested in the hour round trip to the store that undoubtedly would have it.  After a brief funk, plan B emerged, in which a corn chowder would be assembled. Continue reading

We Love Ramen – Everything You Needed To Know About Ramen Infographic

We Love Ramen - Everything You Needed To Know About Ramen Infographic

Ramen has been a staple in college cuisine for quite some time now.  It’s been voted the best invention of 20th century Japan – by the Japanese.  It’s because of how inexpensive and edible it is.  35 cents, tasty, salty, and damn quick.  What’s not to like?  Ramen can also be quite filling if you do your own thing (adding veggies, meat, eggs, etc…) with it.  Enter the Hack College Ramen Inforgraphic, exploring all that is their love of Ramen.  Click below for a bigger pic.

We Love Ramen - Everything You Needed To Know About Ramen Infographic

via - HackCollege.com

Baked Potato Soup and Cheddar Biscuits

Baked Potato Soup and Cheddar BiscuitsI came home from the store a week ago with one of those ten pound bags of Russet potatoes.  My other half asked what exactly I was going to do with all those potatoes.  The most I could muster was a mumbled “I don’t know” because I didn’t, actually, know.  I had no plan.  They were cheap and I was in a buying mood.  So I made our poutine recipe one night, I made more bubble and squeak, because there’s no way to ever have enough bubble and squeak, and I still had some potatoes left.  So what’s a guy to do.  We were out the other day and a restaurant had a baked potato soup on special.  I didn’t get it, but it did get me thinking.  That sounds awfully good.  I searched around a bit and found a few different takes on the soup itself; some are more broth with chunks of potato, some are more potato as soup thickener, there’s quite a variety then.  So what to do. Continue reading

Asparagus Soup

Asparagus SoupI almost always buy asparagus when I’m in a supermarket.  We eat a ton of it.  It’s hugely healthy and we think it’s mighty tasty.  It’s heart healthy and hugely full of folic acid.  You might ask – who gives two *@$#’s for folic acid.  Well, folic acid is plays an important role in heart health and in preventing Alzheimer’s – according to some research.  Patients who die of Alzheimer’s Disease have little or no folic acid in their system.  Reason enough to stock up then. Continue reading

Simple Vegetable Stock Recipe

Simple Vegetable Stock RecipeAwhile ago I posted an article on the homemade chicken stock I make whenever I roast a chicken.  Chicken stock is great stuff and it’s essentially free if you’re making your own.  Actually I could make the argument that if you’re roasting a whole chicken you’re saving money over buying some sort of boneless-skinless product, so it’s actually better than free.  Nice!   Continue reading

Grandma Irene’s Chicken, Biscuits, and Gravy.

Chicken and Biscuits and GravyMy other half introduced me to this recipe.  It was his grandmother’s.  Passed down to his mother.  Like all good recipes it’s been passed down to him.  This is a recipe we love.  It’s comfort food at its utmost pinnacle.  If you look up home cooking in the dictionary, you might very well find this recipe.  Happiness on a plate. Continue reading