Homemade Coffee Syrup (For all you lost Rhode Islanders)

Coffee SyrupA hard one to explain, this.  If you’re not from Rhode Island you’re probably scratching your head.  It’s really exactly what it sounds like.  You know how Hershey’s has a lock on chocolate syrup.  Well the lovely folks at Autocrat have a lock on this, an admittedly limited market.  It’s the same theory, chocolate syrup makes chocolate milk, vanilla syrup makes vanilla milk, well coffee syrup makes coffee milk.  You don’t know what you’re missing, honestly, but it could also be one of those things that if you don’t grow up with it, you don’t like it.  Like pigs ears.  Only not as gag inducing.

Autocrat sells nifty gallon jugs of this at the local equivalent of a Costco.  But I’m 3000 miles away.  So that’s not happening, perhaps when I’m home for the holidays.  I want some coffee milk right now.  What’s a boy to do?  Improvise. Continue reading