Top Chef Texas – Block Party

Top Chef Texas - Block PartyThis week we jump right back into a little Bev bashing.  Can’t be a show without some Bev bashing.  After a quick reappearance of Charlize Theron thanking everyone for a great meal we’re into a Quickfire with Cat Cora.  I like Cat Cora, anyone who drinks Ouzo after every competition is my kinda gal.

They break into teams and it’s one of those challenges where they all need to bread down certain items and use the same ingredients.  Prep shrimp, devein and clean shrimp, and cleaning up some corn for use.

These are basic chef skills and it’s interesting to see who can get what done and who can’t.  Grayson’s pasta is a hot mess, ripping and tearing all over.  They have 45 minutes to get everything done from prep to cooking.  Whatever time they have after all the prep is all they get for cooking.  10 grand on the line but no immunity.  Sarah and Lindsey are a bit catty, unfortunate.  Paul says in the beginning he’s bad luck for Ed whenever they’re together.  They forget to put the shrimp on the plate.  So they aren’t winning. Continue reading

Top Chef Texas – Fit For An Evil Queen

Top Chef Texas - Fit For An Evil QueenAgain we’re Bev attacking today.  What is it with this poor lady.  I think we saw a bit of Lindsay’s true colors in the last show.  A bit of an icy ride home for the ladies.  Back home to Austin for this episode.

Seven cheftestants left tonight.  As they pile into the kitchen we see Eric Ripert.  He’s a friendly face around the kitchen and old hat at Top Chef by this point.  Today’s Quickfire is a conveyor belt challenge.  Pick 3 ingredients off the conveyor belt; the longer you wait the better the ingredients, also the less time you have to cook.  This should be mighty interesting.  I want to know who the poor bastard is behind the conveyor belt is – putting all that stuff down and stocking the thing with new stuff.  Lobsters appear and then disappear just as quick.  1 rotation.  Time to get cracking then boys and grilles.Top Chef Texas - Fit For An Evil Queen

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Top Chef Texas Episode 10 – Restaurant Wars!!!

Top Chef Texas - Restaurant Wars (Episode 10)

No Quickfire tonight.  Not sure if they’ve done that other seasons during restaurant wars but it’s certainly an interesting twist either way.

So tonight is restaurant wars.  This is always an interesting show.  Tonight it’s boys vs. the girls.  I can’t get wait to see how this turns out.  The teams enter an empty space.  Ol’ Unibrow is around for judging tonight.  There’s a coin toss and the boys are up for first service.  It’s a three course menu, two choices for each course, and service for one hundred people.  And they’ve only got five hours.  No pressure then.

45 minutes to menu plan.  Ed and Lindsey are both going to take front of the house.  Front of the house is always a bastard.  You get to be the face of either a disaster or a complete success and often you don’t have much control over what’s coming out from the kitchen.  Canteen is the boys restaurant and Bushel is the girls.  Menu decisions start to take shape and already there’s some tensions with Bev.  Oh Bev…. Continue reading

Top Chef Texas Season 9 – Episode 9 (There’s the Rub)

Top Chef Texas Season 9 Episode 10 - There's the Rub Recap

Tonight starts in Austin with the chefs hanging around a table discussing Heather’s dismissal.  Good riddance.  There’s a knock on the door and one copy of the seminal cookbook Modernist Cuisine, written by Dr. Nathan Myhrvold is delivered.  Study up boys and girls.  This cookbook – five volumes and about $500 bucks on Amazon is supposed to change the way people think about food.  It’s a gorgeous work.Top Chef Texas Season 9 Episode 10 - There's the Rub Recap

The Quickfire is make a dish best representing your take on modernist cuisine.  Tough.  There’s all manner of crazy stuff going on in this book.  Everything you can think of in the general purview of molecular gastronomy and then some. Continue reading

Top Chef Texas, Episode 8 – Tribute Dinner

Top Chef Texas Season 9 Episode 8

After last weeks brutal double elimination this week we start again with Heather.  Grrrr.   Angry already.  Seems to me Bravo editors could be sending one of their not so subtle messages though.  Oh please oh please!!!

Everyone is heading to Austin.  Okay then.  Sounds like fun.  Austin is a funky city and I’m happy to see them head there.  Heather reveals it’s hard for her to have a relationship because she’s so career driven.  It could be your attitude.  Just saying.Top Chef Texas Season 9 Episode 8

Tom shows up for the Quickfire this week.  It’s a Twitter Quickfire.  Uh oh.  And there’s no immunity.  High stakes then.  To start, everything is better with bacon.  On that we can agree.  So bacon is the starting point.  45 minutes on the clock.

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Top Chef Texas Episode 7 Recap – Game On (Oh and We Have A Villain….)

Top Chef Texas Episode 7 - Game On (Oh and We Have A Villain....)

Tonight there are 12 chefs remaining in the competition.  Getting down there then.

For the Quickfire Challenge guest judge was Tim Love, himself a Top Chef Master.  The challenge was tequila.  No immunity tonight, but there is a five thousand dollar prize.  Chefs were given a half hour to taste their tequila and cook.  After my best friends bachelor party a few months ago I’m not sure I could ever take a sip of tequila again.  Ruined.  Maybe I could cook with it but I’m sure I would have heaved all over the table had I needed to taste it.  I was forced to do more shots of Patron that evening than I was in my whole life before that.  Gack!Top Chef Texas Episode 7 - Game On (Oh and We Have A Villain....)

I want to know who’s responsible for setting all the timers in the kitchen to go off at once.  It sounds like the fire alarms going off in my college dorm when they all bang off at once.  That’s some synchronization.  Having to take a tasting of 12 dishes with even a sip of tequila with it, I’d imagine the two judges had quite a buzz going by the end.  Nice to see not even 5 minutes into the show Heather is giving dirty looks about people’s dishes.  Glad the cameramen are so good at catching this stuff.  Making that extra effort to be well liked I see.  Can’t tell you how happy I was to see her dish get slammed by Tim Love. Continue reading