In Brief

Tasty Food.  Period.

How about more than three words….

Teensy Kitchen.  Tiny studio.  Good food and tasty treats.  That and a lot of rain.   Ah Seattle.  Ok well maybe it’s not such a small kitchen – I’ve actually cooked in smaller places (like inside a tent while camping).   And maybe it doesn’t rain all the time.  But we do cook….and bake….a lot.  Almost every meal we eat we make here in our tiny little home.  From homemade breakfast burritos to scratch baked chocolate cakes (box mix tends to be a bit no-no in our house) and just about everything in between.

My only formal training in food preparation is the years of watching my mother coming home from work and making dinner….every night.  That and screwing around in the kitchen for the better part of a decade and half.

I’ve worked in some wildly different businesses over the years, after the last economic implosion I went back to writing, cooking, working crappy jobs and being poor (OK so I have a partner with a good job and supportive demeanor – and that allows me to be more of a deadbeat.)  Not a bad gig anyway you look at it.  This is what I enjoy, so it’s what I’m doing.  No excuses.  No apologies.  OK, well maybe apologies for the less than grammarian type writing style.  I like hyphens.  I like ellipses.   Hopefully you can all deal.

What you’re going to get or what can i expect?

A little bit of everything.  Earl Grey cupcakes….probably.   A decent mole – definitely.  What to do with all that booty from your local farmers market?  You can bet on it.  I like homemade stuff.  I like honest food.  I don’t care if you like to use the cheapest thing you can find on the shelf or the top of line-organic-free range-sustainable-hen’s teeth type ingredients.  I don’t discriminate.  I’ve used them both and they can both make for some tasty eats.  Proof that you can make almost anything no matter how small or how crappy your kitchen.

What about me??

Hi, my name is Steve….and I like food.  I’ve given you a little of my background.   I like salt, chocolate, crème brûlée of any type/kind/derivation, pizza, mostly anything sweet, asparagus, salt, basil, pumpkin…oh and salt.  By no means a comprehensive list – it’s a start.  I’m a good guy, I have done and probably will continue to be guilty of doing monumentally stupid things.  I run.  I like cars, bikes, mostly anything British, Italian, or French…..and cats.  I drink tea – probably far too much tea.  I have a moped.  You’ll probably find out more by reading posts than you will here…


You can contact me on here through the comments – I make an effort to answer questions and comments as much as possible.  If you’d like to email me you can do so at TopsyTasty (at) gmail (dot) com.   Again I’ll do the best to answer emails as quickly and as frequently as I can.  Thanks all!


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  2. I love that Peeps recipe :) I couldn’t find the comment button underneath it, but wanted to comment anyway, so why not here. Love you both and missing you always <3

  3. hi, i think i was checking out your blog maybe last year and loved your ginger cookies recipe. i’m back trying to find it again, but can’t find it. did you delete it by any chance?

  4. Hi I read an article here about Malvern Pudding which said that a recipe in a novel was incorrect because it sounded like it was like a summer pudding. I recently read a recipe in an old recipe book for Malvern Pudding which was definitely like a summer pudding. Please this copy.
    Original Receipt in Cookery, Rational, Practical and Economical (p12) by Hartelaw Reid – 1855;

    A Malvern Pudding is made as a Charlotte but with the bread not buttered and the apples or other fruit stewed and put in hot. It is not baked but merely allowed to stand with the weight on the top till cold and congealed when it is ready for use. Prunes stoned and figs may be employed in this way.

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