Angel Food Cake

Angel Food CakeI don’t know Fayrene De Koker nor where she got this recipe from.  It’s a corker though.  The original is here.  I’ve, for a long time, been at odds with Angel Food Cake in general.  They’re either great or they’re rubbish.  There’s not much room in between.  I think I may have to register a bias against box mixes on Angel Food Cake.  Box mixes can fairly nail a good yellow cake (even your average box mix yellow cake is a powerful weapon when baked half competently.)  Not so much when it comes to Angel Food Cake.  What follows is the best “traditional” Angel Food Cake recipe I could find.  The result is a very nice fresh spongy cake, great with fruit, chocolate, or just some whipped cream.  This does not last long in my kitchen. Continue reading