Holy Guacamole! – Easy Appetizer Or Snack


Holy Guacamole

I decided to put my finger on a hot burner this afternoon because I thought it was off.  It was not.  I had put the wrong burner on (as I often do with the stove top in our new place – poor markings and I think the dials are opposite our old stove top.)  It was hot enough to leave parts of my fingerprint seared into the burner. A good reminder the not to do that again, as if I needed one.  I am typing with a large band-aid over the top of my finger because I am an asshole.  Just saying.  I also managed to melt part of a plastic bag into the same burner the night previous for exactly the same reason.  I turned the wrong burner on.  That took several minutes of stepped heating and scraping and keeping the hood on to burn/melt/smoke most of it off.  Holy Guacamole

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Tomato and Basil Bruschetta

Tomato and Basil Bruschetta

For a long time I shied away from bruschetta.  I had some sort of fear about uncooked tomatoes.  Not sure where I was going with that but I’m happy to say it’s been over for quite a while.  One day I said to myself “Hey – this is bread” and it’s all been roses since.

Perhaps not all roses.  I’ve had bad bruschetta foisted upon me on more than one occasion and it’s infuriating, especially since it’s not hard to make a good one.  So simple and pure is this appetizer (or meal if you’re like me); bad ingredients and an uncaring hand in the kitchen are really the only spots you can place blame.  A shame then.  Why bother?

Bruschetta can be a great many things.  In its simplest form bruschetta is bread, lightly coated with olive oil, toasted over coals, rubbed down with raw garlic, and coated lightly with cracked pepper and salt.  That sounds devastatingly good.  Variations on the theme include chopped onions, herbs, beans, and tomatoes.  The recipe that evolved below is fairly similar to what you’ll get in most Italian restaurants when you place an order. Continue reading