A Simple Apple Confit

A Simple Apple Confit

I know, I know.  Another friggin’ apple recipe.  Shoot me.  I had three or four pounds of apples left and nothing to do with them.  Sue me for sharing.  I can’t help myself.  I promise it’s the last apple related thing I’ll post for a while.  I really promise this time.  No fingers crossed behind my back or anything. Continue reading

Apple Oven Cake – How To Look Like a Pro in Twenty Minutes

Apple Oven Cake - How To Look Like a Pro in Twenty MinutesThere are times I need a dessert in less time than it takes to bake a flourless chocolate cake or something equally fancy looking.  I also don’t want to turn something shitty out – that’s no fun at all.  What to do?

My apologies for beating apples to death.  I just keep buying them because they’re local, cheap, organic, and look great to boot.  This dessert is so easy you only need one apple.  Just one.  I used to two because I had a ton around and we had company – so I decided to make a double batch.  In around twenty minutes you can turn out a hot and delicious dessert that you can serve any number of ways – all impressive looking and tasty – with very minimal effort. Continue reading

Meme’s Apple Tart

Meme's Apple Tart

This is an adaptation of a Jacques Pepin recipe.  It’s a dessert that his mother used to bake almost everyday at her restaurant, Le Pelican in Lyon, France.  It doesn’t come any more iron clad as that for recipes for me.  The lady who raised my favorite chef used to make this?  I’m all in.

This is very simple recipe and produces a delicate dessert.  It’s not overly sweet, its got a very nice flaky crust, and it’s elegant in its simplicity.  Quite French then.

This recipe calls for apples, rather sliced up apples.  You can use whatever kind of apples you like, baking apples are the best.  In that vein Granny Smith, Braeburn and/or Pink Lady are all good choices.  I used a combination of Granny Smith and Braeburn apples.

As we were cutting the apples we had the square portion with the cores leftover for the trash.  I relayed a story to my other half about my grandfather that I think of every time I cut up an apple and toss away the core.  My grandfather was a child of the depression.  That informed everything about his life afterward.  He was a hard worker, saved money all his life, and never spent frivolously.   Continue reading