British Asparagus Festival Cancelled – Due to Lack of Asparagus

British Asparagus Festival Cancelled - Due to Lack of Asparagus

Recent rain and flooding Northwest of London, has forced organisers of the annual British Asparagus Festival to cancel the event, for lack of asparagus.  Organizers said that, after an unusually warm March, the flooding that followed heavy rain and cool temperatures in April had left the seasonal vegetable “almost completely dormant”.  After the River Avon burst its banks, flood waters left the Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire (the event’s venue), under several inches of water.  And yes, the Asparamancer was due to be there.

Organizer Angela Tidmarsh said:

“We were expecting asparagus to be scarce due to the unseasonably good weather at the start of the year followed by the recent deluge.  However, this week’s flooding means that the asparagus crop is almost completely dormant.  What’s more, the venue for the festival has been under several inches of water when the River Avon burst its banks.  It’s ironic as the British Asparagus Festival was started as a way of helping the area recover after the severe floods of 2007.”

The British Asparagus Growers’ Association has reported the earliest recorded, but small, crop of the vegetable due to the hot March, but said that with cooler temperatures and rain, production had ostensibly come to a halt.

In a continued interview with Organizer Angela Tidmarsh, she said there were plans to continue celebrating asparagus throughout May and it was hoped the crop would be available for the asparagus auction at the Fleece, at Bretforton on May 27.   The “king of asparagus”, due to be crowned at this weekend’s festival, will instead receive their crown of asparagus spears at the auction.

More cool weather forecast means it could be another ten days to two weeks before asparagus reaches British shops in full volume.  Growers say this year’s harvest is likely to be short but particularly intense.  Plants that had been stunted would pick up pace when the weather improved.

Scrambled Eggs In Toasted Bread Cases

Scrambled Eggs In Toasted Bread Cases

Breakfast served all day.  The most exciting words you’ll ever see printed on a menu.  Our house is the philosophical equivalent.  When isn’t it a good time to have breakfast?  I can’t think of one.  A dish like this makes you wonder why you ever go out to eat.

I suppose you have to like scrambled eggs.  I was in the camp of hating scrambled eggs for years.  Let’s tally that in a column of “things people and restaurants have screwed up so badly they’ve ruined it for me.”  Thankfully I’ve put my own little world right.  Scrambled eggs made with love and attention, not cooked to within an inch of existence, and given a few minutes of thought are ohmygodthatsunbelievable!!!  Dry scrambled eggs are best used to prop a door open.  I know that’s personal taste, but really, who wants dry eggs? Continue reading

Asparagus Soup

Asparagus SoupI almost always buy asparagus when I’m in a supermarket.  We eat a ton of it.  It’s hugely healthy and we think it’s mighty tasty.  It’s heart healthy and hugely full of folic acid.  You might ask – who gives two *@$#’s for folic acid.  Well, folic acid is plays an important role in heart health and in preventing Alzheimer’s – according to some research.  Patients who die of Alzheimer’s Disease have little or no folic acid in their system.  Reason enough to stock up then. Continue reading

And You Though Asparagus Was Just Good Eating – Behold The Asparamancer!!

And You Though Asparagus Was Just Good Eating - Behold The Asparamancer!!Jemima Packington, a British mystic, claims that she’s the world’s only asparamancer.  You did read that correctly - an asparamancer.  And she just foretold the births of two royal British heirs and Britain’s imminent trouncing of the rest of the world in the 2012 Olympics.  Okay.

Watch the video below as she predicts the UK weather.  Grey and raining.  Prediction is a stretch there.  But that’s not all, she’s already made plenty of 2012 tellings including dual royal pregnancies, a new UK party leader, the collapse of the Euro (going out on another limb there) and the death of a high-profile British figure. We’ll have to see what sort of confidence we can place in the asparagus stalk.  They’re mighty tasty but perhaps in the right hand they can foretell….THE FUTURE!!!   Check out the wacky video below.

Asparagus, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Pizza

Asparagus, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese PizzaWe’ve got a very good pizza dough recipe down and use it fairly regularly.  It’s easy to make and let’s face it, nothing’s better than a good homemade pizza.  Often it’s just a simple pizza with red sauce or a white pizza heavy on cheese or garlic.  We were looking for something a little different the other night, however.  This pizza certainly qualifies I think. Continue reading

Top Sirloin With Broccoli and Asparagus

Top Sirloin With Broccoli and AsparagusIt was one of those long days at work today.  Not a bad day, just a long one.  The kind where you get home and you don’t really want to do much of anything.  I got home and changed into something comfortable, my usual track pants and a hoodie.  That’s better.   I walked over to Starbucks and had them grind one of the many bags of Starbucks whole bean coffee we have lying around.  After moving I don’t have a coffee grinder anymore, victim of the great purge of 2011.  Starbucks is always happy to grind a bag of their beans if you bring them in, even setting the grind to whatever method you’re using to brew at home.  Thanks guys!  I French pressed a nice cup of coffee for myself and the world was looking a whole lot nicer.

I decided a nice steak dinner could be a good cure for a tired evening.  I just happen to have some nice Top Sirloin in the fridge that looked like it was willing to be part of the party.  That, a bit of broccoli, and some asparagus, and it looked like I was in business.  Nice.  I also made a loaf of french bread (that’ll be a separate post later.)

Aside from being a damn good meal, it’s also really quick – if we’re not counting the bread.  And I’m not.  The longest part of the process is getting the steaks cooked.  Provided it’s already defrosted or is fresh from the market, you’re looking at 10 minutes or so till you’re eating. Continue reading