Infographic(s) of The Day – All You Ever Wanted To Know About Beer

Beer is no longer mired in malt liquor 40 ounce bottles of Old English or Colt 45.  To be sure there’s nothing wrong with drinking out of a paper bag but thankfully beer has had a bit of a revolution.  Beer pairings and arguments over the merits of Berliner Kindl Weisse or a Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout are more common.  Beer nerds rejoice!  Here’s some lazy day infographics for looking over the many different types of beer, a periodic table of beers (with commercial examples of each type,) and an infographic detailing the history of beer.

The first infographic is brought to us by designer Ben Gibson and book editor Patrick Mulligan.  Consider it a cheat sheet for beer. (Click on the picture for a larger image.)

Infographic of the Day - All You Ever Wanted to Know About Beer

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