A Recipe for Sohl Doht Bibimbap

A Recipe for Sohl Doht BibimbapToday was a relatively easy day for me.  I didn’t have to go into work.  I got up late.  I was about as lazy as a guy could ask for.  After I’d determined I wasn’t working and I’d have a nights worth of uninterrupted cooking time I hit the store.  Stores actually.  Errands aside I got to making some Bibimbap.  I discovered this dish one night out at Kimchi Bistro.  It’s a “hot-pot” meal, meaning it’s served in a stone bowl that’s heated to some 400 degrees.  I think the restaurant’s menu puts it best:

Eating Out - Seattle's Kimchi Bistro

This was the only item so worded in the entirety of the menu.  Clearly you can see why I needed to order it.  So taken in fact, I decided to give it a go at home. Continue reading