Thank You All Dear Friends…..FOR COMING TO MY BIRTHDAY!!!

I’m not sure why that makes me laugh so much.  But it does.  So yesterday was my birthday.  I am still full.  I cannot move.  I had, despite being far away from most of my family, a very nice birthday.  We ate a most intense dinner at Ivar’s Seafood.  I think some people in Seattle would tell you it’s a tourist trap.  Not the case, I’d argue.  It’s a nice seafood joint, a step up from Legal Seafood if you’re looking for a reference point.  We took a nice long walk to get there and back.  The walk back was a tremendous show of force on my part, I’ll admit.  I nearly had to crawl.

Ivar’s has been around nearly forever.  Here’s a period photograph of the place, dating back quite a ways.  The next photo is of a crew removing one of his signs from the floor of the bay/sound.  Why?  Ivar Haglund, who started the restaurant in 1938, believed that submarines would become a viable form of transportation in the future.  So he put signs up underwater – directing traffic to his restaurant.  That’s some Jules Verne style forward thinking.Thank You All Dear Friends.....FOR COMING TO MY BIRTHDAY!!!Thank You All Dear Friends.....FOR COMING TO MY BIRTHDAY!!! Continue reading