Grandma Irene’s Chicken, Biscuits, and Gravy.

Chicken and Biscuits and GravyMy other half introduced me to this recipe.  It was his grandmother’s.  Passed down to his mother.  Like all good recipes it’s been passed down to him.  This is a recipe we love.  It’s comfort food at its utmost pinnacle.  If you look up home cooking in the dictionary, you might very well find this recipe.  Happiness on a plate. Continue reading

Mystery Foods From the East!

Care Package From The EastWhen you’re living on the opposite side of a country from the rest of your family, unless it’s Lichtenstein, you tend to miss the things that you can’t get.  When moving to Seattle I was horrified the first week I was here to realize that the only orange juice I’d be drinking would be the half-gallon that had made it across the country with me in a cooler.  Why?  As I’ve said before, my stomach hates me, so I have to drink low-acid orange juice.  Only one company markets that – and it’s Tropicana.  As I found out, only one supermarket chain carries it out here – and that’s QFC.  Everyone carries every other bleeding variety except low acid.  Thanks QFC for caring about us folks with stomachs which are hateful.

As a big plus to Seattle, it’s solved one of my other problems.  I haven’t had a cup of coffee in a decade.  That’s no exaggeration.  In my college days at some point I started getting sick everyday.  My stomach would turn and twist and be quite unhappy.  I subsisted on orange juice and coffee in those days.  Like, it’s all I drank.  Sometimes all I ate, really.  I never drink soda, ever.  Sometimes it’s all I ate too.  Not much on nutrition back then.  But when you’re 19 you can live on coffee and cigarettes.  Not so much these days.  So that was it.  One day I just drank water, and I wasn’t sick.  First time in months and months.  Didn’t take long to make the connection.  Turns out that’s when my stomach organized its own revolt.  I was able to find low acid orange juice, and that made my world livable again.  And I moved onto being a tea fanatic.  Which is great, I love hot tea and I drink gallons of it.  But I always miss coffee.  Always.  Sad story.  Moving to Seattle I’ve found acid neutralized coffee.  I know, I know, low acid coffee’s are around – but they usually taste like dirt.  Not interested.  I found something out here which actually approximates real coffee.  Thank you Seattle and your horrid coffee addiction! Continue reading