The Greatest Sandwich Ever – Shooter’s Sandwich

The Greatest Sandwich Ever - Shooter's SandwichThis is another installment of all things British.  Once upon a time Two Fat Ladies (one of my most favorite cooking shows) made a version of a shooter’s sandwich on their show.  I’d been intrigued ever since. It’s a giant meaty loaf of a sandwich.  I decided I needed to give this go, just to see what it’s all about.  It’s supposed to be a great sandwich for picnics, given it’s size, portability, and delight.  I think it’s a good thing to have around just about any time.  The name derives from “shooter’s” (think fox hunt) putting this on the bottom of their bag in the morning and eating it for lunch or throughout the day.

The Greatest Sandwich Ever - Shooter's SandwichThe general idea behind a shooter’s sandwich is a meat stuffed loaf of round bread.  It’s a bit more in-depth than that, but that’s the vague outlines at least. Continue reading

Bubble and Squeak Recipe – Anglophile’s Rejoice!!

Bubble and Squeak Recipe - Anglophile's Rejoice!!I’m sure I’ve professed the horrible affliction that is my attraction to anything British.  TV, movies, automobiles, WWII era stuff – it’s all in there. I’m sure I should have been alive during WWII living in England somewhere.  British food is less exciting, if only because it’s often fairly bland.  It’s less exciting than their automobiles – the lead electrical supplier for automotive electrical equipment in Britain used to be Lucas Electrics.  So disastrous is the reputation (deservedly so) for anything bearing the Lucas name - Lord Lucas is known as “The Prince of Darkness.”Bubble and Squeak Recipe - Anglophile's Rejoice!!

Often in one TV show or another someone will reference bubble and squeak.  Sounds a bit odd I know.  I didn’t investigate until I watched an episode of Two Fat Ladies some time ago (it’s a cooking show and if you haven’t watched before it’s worth checking out.)  As the title probably gives away – there are two ladies.  And they are fat.  They mentioned bubble and squeak and I figured if they brought it up – it’s got to be pretty good. Continue reading

Malvern Pudding

Malvern Pudding - A Threatened Food?!Malvern pudding is a dish I’d never heard of.   Had it not been for some of the old British shows I’m hopelessly addicted to it would have never entered my wheelhouse.  Strong stuff Inspectors Morse and Lewis.  I looked up one thing and that led to another and another and somewhere along the way I ended up on a very thin wiki page which described Malvern pudding as being “listed as one of the ten most “threatened puddings” after a survey conducted by UKTV Food.”  I don’t know about you but I’m certainly interested in something that’s called a threatened pudding.  Sounds like danger.

It’s actually because no one makes it anymore.  That’s a bit worrying but I’m still all about adventuring into the unknown, especially in the kitchen.  I’m sure it has more to do with tastes changing and traditions going down the tube than anything else.  Seems like it’s time to get cracking saving this particular “threatened pudding” from extinction.

Malvern pudding features prominently in Carol Shields’ novel The Stone Diaries, apparently, however after checking it out a bit that recipe is more of a variation on summer pudding than it is a Malvern pudding.  Carol might be able to write but she’s clearly rubbish with recipes. Continue reading