Blonde Brownies That Are Actually Cookie Pie – The Blonde Cookie Pie Brownie

Blonde Brownies That Are Actually Cookie Pie - The Blonde Cookie Pie Brownie

My mother made blonde brownies that could have stopped a zombie apocalypse….at least for a few minutes.  Minutes count when you’re trying to avoid being eaten by an advancing horde.

I know, the simplest thing to do would be to ask my mother for the recipe.  She’d give it to me over the phone tonight if I called her.  She won’t do that at midnight however.  Midnight here is three in the morning her time.  Mother’s need sleep, too.  So I had a hankering and I just had to wing it.  I went through my normal routine of research and only when I’d finished had I realized that blonde brownie and cookie pie must be the same thing to some people.  I’m here to set the record straight – they’re not. Continue reading

Sea Salt Fudge Brownies

Sea Salt Fudge Brownies

I’ve professed a big weakness for salt.  Really any kind of salt.  The iodized table stuff kind of makes me angry because it has a chemical burning thing going on.  But kosher salt, sea salt (pink Himalayan, black lava sea salt, Maldon….the list goes on and on), artisan salts, I love them all.  I have big rocks of that pink Himalayan stuff, bags of the black lava, boxes of Morton’s Kosher and Maldon Sea Salt.  I have Celtic salt, which is kind of wet and grey looking.  I can’t get enough.

I’ve now found that I can mix this horrible addiction with another – chocolate.  Bliss indeed. These brownies are fudgey, have a nice top layer of flakey chocolate goodness going on – I don’t profess to know what that’s about but it’s the sign of a good brownie.  I am a brownie edge person, and these edges are quite fantastic.  Top that off, literally, with sea salt, and it’s party time.

This recipe is another that can happily be made in one bowl, in no time flat, and just popped into the oven.  They take minutes to prepare, a half hour or so to bake, and you’re eating them within the hour.  Yay. Continue reading