Super Rare Calico Lobster Caught In Maine – Meet Calvin The Calico Lobster

Super Rare Calico Lobster Caught In Maine - Meet Calvin The Calico Lobster

The luckiest lobster alive was caught off Winter Harbor, Maine and is a 1-in-30 million find.  The blue lobster (which I’ve actually set eyes on in a museum years ago) is common by comparison, a one in a million occurrence.

The lobster was sold along with several others to a local restaurant.  The staff from Jasper White’s Summer Shack restaurant in Cambridge, Mass., chose to spare the speckled crustacean’s life instead of dooming it to a summer diner’s plate.

“We happened to be cleaning the tank and I happened to be there, one of my guys said, ‘Chef, look at this lobster,’ and from across the room I knew it was special,” said the restaurant owner Jasper White, in an interview with the Boston Globe.

The staff discovered the rare lobster, which they decided to name Calvin, in a 1,200-gallon lobster tank.  White sent a picture of the lobster to the New England Aquarium.  But before shipping him off, White made sure he gave him a pleasant stay.

“I gave him his own special area in the tank,” White said, reported the New York Times. “I fed him fresh squid and soft shell crab.  He had a wonderful time, I doubt if he’ll ever eat as well.”

The calico lobster is dark with bright orange and yellow spots.  It’s currently living at the New England Aquarium. in Boston, for the Biomes Marine Biology Center, a science center in Rhode Island.  Simply being born with a full set of spots ensures he’ll not be entering a boiling pot of water anytime soon.