Real Canadian Poutine

Real Canadian PoutineOK you’re asking what the hell is Poutine.  Unless you’re from Canada, then you’re saying rock on!  I’m with you.  I didn’t know what Poutine was for a really long time.  Isn’t he the Prime Minister of Russia?  No, it’s really cheese fries with gravy, sort of.  It’s a dish that started in Quebec, which explains the name, silly French.  It’s not an old dish, it was “invented” in the late 50′s.  Hard to say that it was invented, probably more accurate that someone stumbled upon it, or discovered the possibilities.  All the ingredients were already there, it’s not like someone set forth a new element.  So popular is poutine in Canada that McDonald’s, Burger King, AND KFC all sell their own version of it.  That’s cool.  Not that any of it is likely real food, but it’s still cool.  Like a Royale with cheese.

Real Canadian PoutineWhat is poutine?  REAL poutine is simply french fries, topped with cheese curds, with brown gravy ladled on top.  Nice – a health food then!  Fake poutine can be found many places, where cheese curds are replaced with mozzarella.  I don’t find that insulting or all that different but it seems like Canadians don’t have the same open view.  What are cheese curds then?  Just think of it as squeaky cheese.  It’s really the solid part of sour milk, but you didn’t really want to know what.  And yes I meant squeaky.  If you can get fresh cheese curds (not likely outside of Canada or some specialty markets) they squeak when you eat them.  Like rubbing two balloons together.  Freaky huh?  If you get them not so fresh (more than 12 hours after being produced) they don’t squeak.  I don’t care if my cheese curds squeak (I rather prefer my food doesn’t produce its own party noises), but in Canada they must squeak.  Duly noted. Continue reading