Simple Homemade Pizza & Dough – DOH!

Home-made PizzaOn nights when I’m feeling lazy, pizza becomes a viable and quick option.  Ordering pizza isn’t cheap and tends to not be particularly healthy.  This pizza costs about a buck to make (gives you an idea how bad you’re getting ripped off ordering from Domino’s) and is better than most anything you’ll get ordering out.  I make the pizza dough in a double batch, that way there’s enough to toss in a bowl in the fridge for the next time I want a pizza – and that usually doesn’t take terribly long.  Pizza goes quickly in our house – seems most food does.  It takes minutes to make the dough, and minutes to make the pizza, and minutes to bake it.  Truly fast food.  And you won’t believe how delicate the dough is.  It’s a happy revelation from what you get with store-bought dough or pre-made shells.  You’ll never go back. Continue reading