The Cuddrireddra of Delia – An Italian Spiced Cookie For Easter

The Cuddrireddra of Delia - An Italian Spiced Cookie For Easter

Being that I’m a full continent’s worth of travel from my family there was no Easter/Passover celebration in Seattle as such.  We had a nice day out, relaxed about, and I decided I’d make an obscure, unpronounceable, fried Italian cookie for dessert.  Typically they come in a neat crown/ring/pretzel sort of shape.  That’s unless you’re lazy.  If you’re lazy then they can be any shape you like.

Cuddrireddra is the Sicilian word biscuit, and is a tasty and crispy small donut shaped cookie from the town of Delia, in the middle-ish part of Sicily.  Local legends say that the cookie, which has the form of a little crown, is a tribute to the noble women of Delia who lived in the medieval fortress that still dominates the town during the war of the “Vespri Siciliani” (1282-1302). Continue reading

Peeps S’mores!

Peeps S'mores!OK, I also understand the need to stand down with the whole Peeps thing.  Three recipes in a row.  I still have some left.  To be fair the leftover ones are now fairly stale.  I know there is a contingent of the population who will place these things on top of the microwave and leave them for extended periods of time to acquire the necessary state of staleness.  Mine are just garden variety stale.

S’mores are so good because they offer cheap entry into serious comfort food.  Anyone can make them.  The recipe is so easy that it needn’t be written down or even referred to.  Admittedly it’s easy to go on a s’mores bender.   And that’s never pretty.  But there’s not much better than a warm, toasted, gooey marshmallow melting a slab of cheap chocolate sandwiched on graham cracker. Continue reading

Battered and Deep Fried Peeps!

Battered and Deep Fried Peeps!I’m still on my Easter themed Peep kick.  Rather, I still have leftover Peeps that can – in one way or another – be sacrificed to the food gods.  I last sacrificed three dozen Peeps to make some Rice Krispy treats with a technicolor twist.  I had given some serious consideration to sharing that with my co-workers.  After a taste test I thought better of it and consumed the whole thing by myself, over the course of a week.

I had read up on several attempts to deep fry Peeps.  Often as not the Peep would nearly disintegrate or the coating would come slipping off, leaving virgin marshmallow to be decimated by hot oil.  I jumped into this knowing only what had been tried before and didn’t work.  There’s not a lot of documented deep-frying of Peeps going on, clearly. Continue reading