Wendy’s Launches Lobster And Caviar Burgers In Japan

Last year, Wendy’s both left the Japanese market – then relaunched the brand.  Their re-entry to the Japanese market was heralded by the release of a foie gras hamburger.  Things must have gone fairly well for the brand.  They’re now back with a new Lobster Surf & Turf Burger and the Premium Caviar & Lobster sandwich.

Apparently there’s been a record haul for lobster this season, which has drastically reduced prices on the meat.  Sensing a deal, Wendy’s is offering both of these sandwiches for ¥1,280 (which works out to a tad below $16.50.)Wendy's Launches Lobster And Caviar Burgers In Japan

The Lobster & Caviar sandwich (seen on the left in the photo above) includes both claw meat and lobster salad, topped with a mustard mayonnaise and sprinkled with caviar!  The Surf & Turf Burger is Wendy’s take on the classic dish: one of their square Wendy’s burgers topped with whole pieces of said cheap Canadian lobster.  On an Atkins kick?  There is also an Ocean Premium Salad, which contains both whole lobster chunks and lobster salad which will set you back ¥1,580 yen (a few pennies more than $20.)

Man Accidentally Shoots Lady Friend at Hooters, Gets Himself Arrested

Man Accidentally Shoots Lady Friend at Hooters, Gets Himself Arrested


Christopher E. Bohn was recently enjoying all that Hooters in Chantilly, Virginia had to offer.  Unfortunately on Saturday afternoon he decided that it was the best time and place to reload his pistol.  Also unfortunately, he accidentally shot his 22-year old lady friend in the ankle.

“The victim was at a restaurant with friends when one of them, Christopher E. Bohn, 36, of Manassas, reloaded his handgun and accidentally fired; striking the victim. She was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. No one else was injured,” police said in a news release.

Bohn was arrested and charged with willfully discharging firearms in a public place, police said.

Burger King Employee Posts Photo Of Himself Stepping In Lettuce, 4chan Users See That He Gets Busted

Burger King Employee Posts Photo Of Himself Stepping In Lettuce, 4chan Users See That He Gets BustedWhat is it with fast food employees doing stupid things and then feeling the need to post them on the internet?  Will they never learn?  4chan always gets a bad rap as a lawless environment but often they dole out justice where it’s needed.  Today is no different.

On July 16th some genius who worked at a Burger King in Cleveland posted anonymously a photo of himself stepping in bins of lettuce to the site.  The original poster captioned the image with “This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King.”

4chan is not to be trifled with however, and those users who were appalled by the image decided to take action. They grabbed the GPS data embedded in the picture – in an effort to pinpoint where the photograph had been taken, the Cleveland Scene reports.

In addition to contacting local news media in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, (where the image originated) users also managed to pull up the address and telephone number of the exact Burger King location where the event took place.  You can imagine that it wasn’t long before many emails and phone calls took place.  All that took about 15 minutes from the initial post.

A list of the 4chan users’ responses was posted to Reddit on Tuesday.

When contacted, a manager at the Mayfield Heights Burger King, said that the alleged perpetrator was a long-time employee.  Management refused to disclose other details, offering only that this was the employee’s first disciplinary incident in his employment history.  Both said employee and the shift manager on duty at the time have been fired.

Check Out ‘Mixologist,’ a Rap Parody Of The Cocktail Scene

Check Out 'Mixologist,' a Rap Parody Of The Cocktail Scene

Fog and Smog rolled out their new “rap” parody, one that parodies the current trend that sees bartenders becoming mixologists and a good $6 drink costing $20.  It’s certainly worth a watch.  If you’re not geeky enough to pause and check out the fake drinks that are on the menu, we’ll recap them for you.  Because we have nothing but time.

· The Avon Barksdale: Hennessy, soda, free range heroin foam
· A Wilson’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Single mash Gatorade, bitters, Smirnoff ice, human tears
· Moist Yoga Mat: Hemp vodka, 12 year kombucha, wheatgrass with a coconut water back
· Hyphy Hangover: Grape 4 Loko, Peychaud bitters, thizz face
· Chewbacca’s Jacuzzi: Kashyyyk champagne, muddled slim jim, carbonite rinse

Check out the video below.  If you’re curious, it was shot at LA bar La Descarga (which means “after the party.”)  Think a too-cool-for-the-room pre-Castro Havana vibe, very cramped a super small footprint, burlesque dancers, $20 cocktails with shaved ice, cigars, and lots of expensive rum and you’ve got the idea.  So just like the video then.

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Slater’s 50/50 Unveils a 100% Ground Bacon Burger

Slater’s 50/50 Debuts a 100% Ground Bacon Burger

In New York Mayor Bloomberg has banned soft drinks over 16 ounces.  At the same moment Southern California burger chain Slater’s 50/50 (named after its signature burger patty that blends 50% ground beef and 50% ground bacon) has rolled out their new burger of the month.  It’s called the ‘Merica Burger.  It is made of 100% ground bacon.  That is not a typo.  It’s topped with bacon.  And an egg.  And “bacon island” (what a resort that sounds like) dressing.  Oh and the cheese is bacon cheddar cheese.

Slater’s 50/50 Debuts a 100% Ground Bacon BurgerIf you’d like to feel your arteries slam shut you need to get there before the end of July.  If you’re wondering what else this burger skunkworks has created, past months have included a Pulled Pork Burger, a Chorizo Burger, an Orange Chicken Burger, a Lamb Burger and a Chili Cheese Frito Burger.

Think of this as the Heart Attack Grille North.

The Briefcase BBQ Grille – Bring A Little Meat to Your Meetings

The Briefcase BBQ Grille - Bring A Little Meat to Your MeetingsEver have a very important meeting in the backyard or at a tailgating event?  Me either.  I imagine you’d be more than welcome with this thing swinging off your shoulder though.   The Darwin Triangular BBQ is designed to appear as a stylish briefcase when closed.  When you open this sucker up you can grill a few burgers.  You won’t be making dinner for eight unless your patient, but in a pinch you can probably start grilling just about anywhere.  Not the cheapest rig on the planet at $52, but if you’re looking for mobile grilling this grille might be right up your alley.

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