Looking to Waste Four and Half Minutes? – Enter The Twinkie Ingredient Opera

Looking to Waste Four and Half Minutes? - Enter The Twinkie Ingredient Opera37 Ingredients of cream filled goodness.  We posted before that possibly your Twinkie could be mortal danger.  Heavens!  The news that Hostess has entered into bankruptcy reorganization has prompted many a Twinkie fan to do some wacky stuff to “Save the Twinkie”  Wendy Williams had done her part and recently featured the Twinkie Ingredient Opera.  Mezzo-soprano Hai-Ting Chinn sings the list of 37 or so ingredients contained in the Armageddon-proof snack food.

If you’ve four and half minutes to waste I suppose this isn’t a bad way to do it.  If you’ve more pressing things to do, I’m sure you get the idea without checking out the video below.  Whatever the case – silly ingredients list aside – Ms. Chinn has quite a delightful voice.

And You Though Asparagus Was Just Good Eating – Behold The Asparamancer!!

And You Though Asparagus Was Just Good Eating - Behold The Asparamancer!!Jemima Packington, a British mystic, claims that she’s the world’s only asparamancer.  You did read that correctly - an asparamancer.  And she just foretold the births of two royal British heirs and Britain’s imminent trouncing of the rest of the world in the 2012 Olympics.  Okay.

Watch the video below as she predicts the UK weather.  Grey and raining.  Prediction is a stretch there.  But that’s not all, she’s already made plenty of 2012 tellings including dual royal pregnancies, a new UK party leader, the collapse of the Euro (going out on another limb there) and the death of a high-profile British figure. We’ll have to see what sort of confidence we can place in the asparagus stalk.  They’re mighty tasty but perhaps in the right hand they can foretell….THE FUTURE!!!   Check out the wacky video below.

Jack In The Box Now Has A Bacon Milkshake

Jack In The Box Now Has A Bacon MilkshakeNow the possible threat of E. Coli isn’t the only thing exotic you can get at Jack In The Box.  The fast food purveyor has come out with a Bacon flavored shake.  No joke.  It uses Torani bacon flavored syrup.  Sadly there are no bacon pieces, nor any real bacon at all.  Just fake bacon syrup.  Hmmmm.  Oddly, this means that the bacon shake is – oddly – vegetarian…..sort of.

The shake is part of a new campaign that asks the question: If you like bacon so much, why don’t you marry it?  That’s very Pee Wee Herman of you.

So how’s the shake?  Initial reviews haven’t been particularly positive.  Most people have tried it and walked away unimpressed, at best:

“And the taste? A heavy, lingering bland with a touch of smoke that doesn’t go away. Instead of offering a variation on salt-sweet, which could have been impressive, Jack in the Box’s Bacon Shake hits the senses like smokey maple syrup. And not the good kind that, say, one might have found on their Sunday morning breakfast plate as mom’s crunchy bacon mixed with Mrs. Butterworth’s viscosity. The cold mound we tried to swallow was too sweet and too lifeless to be considered reasonably tasty in a pinch, or even decent hangover food.” – SFist.com

So let’s consider this for the marketing ploy that it is (hey, I’m writing about it – and so is everyone else) and leave it at that.  Check out the creepy ad campaign video below.

Most Epic Cake Ever – Life Size Stormtrooper Cake

Most Epic Cake Ever - Life Size Stormtrooper CakeThe talented folks at Amanda Oakleaf Cakes brings us the Life-Size Stormtrooper Cake.  Created for the Arisia Sci-Fi Convention in Boston, MA, this guy stands 6′ 4″ and all of 300 lbs.  That’s one giant Stormtrooper.  He – we’re assuming he – took two weeks and Oakleaf Cakes’ entire crew of ten people to put together.   Continue reading

This Is A Video of Sushi Being Shot Into Space. That Is All.

This Is A Video of Shushi Being Shot Into Space.  That Is AllIt’s the Godzirra Roll (Yes Godzirra – two rr’s) from small chain of restaurants called Sticky Rice in the DC-aea.  They just firmly affixed said sushi to a plate, attached a camera, added a sound track, and voila – you have sushi in space.  In collaboration with RVA TV and Bark Marketing, Sticky Rice launched a sushi plate of their popular Godzirra roll on January 1st of this year.  Six months of planning and testing because they weren’t just battling making good sticky rice – oh no….-60F in space, FAA regulations, overheating or freezing batteries, GPS issues, stabilization, and how to make the damn sushi stay together in high winds all played into the 6 months of planning.  That’s a fairly lofty plate of sushi.This Is A Video of Shushi Being Shot Into Space.  That Is All

“Our team is hoping for national attention and plan to make a shorter commercial for local air play. We loved the Toshiba ‘Chair in Space’ commercial and it was the basis of this project wondering if it could happen on a shoe-string budget for a small business.”This Is A Video of Shushi Being Shot Into Space.  That Is All

Indeed.  Whatever the case.  It’s damn epic.

Check out the Video Here.

The United States Of Good Sandwiches – Infographic

GOOD (your self-proclaimed platform for 21st Century Citizenship) recently conducted a survey, asking which sandwich best represents “the most culturally significant, sustainably produced, locally sourced sandwiches” in their home states. The resulting responses vary from predictable (New York – pastrami on rye; Maine – lobster roll; California – veggie sandwich) to pretty interesting (Alabama – fried chicken liver sandwich; Montana – Rocky Mountain oyster sandwich; South Dakota – spam sandwich).  The nifty infographic has a sandwich for every state, and they all seem to make sense if nothing else.

Being able to comment on a few states I’d say New Jersey might be questionable in that it doesn’t include Taylor Ham, Rhode Island seems logical but a grinder might be more emblematic.

I would like to point out that Arkansas sandwich is the War Eagle Mill Sandwich.  I’ve no idea what that is but it sounds both frightening and tasty at the same time.

Check out the graphic below, click on the image for a full size view.The United States of Good Sandwiches