This Is A Cucumber Killer Whale

This Is A Cucumber Killer WhaleBrock Davis likes to play with his food.  I like to imagine he watched Close Encounters of The Third Kind repeatedly and was inspired by the mashed potato mountain.  I’m sure that’s entirely untrue but it’s a nice thought.  He’s made some neat stuff from a variety of foods in the past.  Given the job of adding a cucumber to his family’s dinner salad he instead made this.  The Cucumber Killer Whale.  This is probably the best use of a cucumber I’ve ever seen.  Mainly because they’re horrible.

If you’d like to see more of Brock Davis’ work you can check it out here.

Piñata Anatomy

So ever wonder what things looked like inside a piñata before you’d belted it open with a wiffle ball bat?  Now you can rest easy.  We stumbled across this at Laughing Squid.  Thanks guys and thanks to Carmichael Collective, who produced Piñata Anatomy.  I call dibs on the brains.  As usual, click on the picture for a larger image.

Piñata Anatomy

- via LaughingSquid -